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Quick Review Chinese Dramas: From Ancient to Modern, Love to Family

Anyone notice that lately I’ve been so productive in my blog especially posting about Chinese Drama reviews beside my weekly translation projects. Well, this time I’m going to do quick review for some dramas that I’m still watching or had done.

In this post there would be many genres also type of dramas, from the romance-modern to family oriented, ancient-mystical to republican, suspense to thriller and etc.

My Poseidon (我的波塞冬)

Starring Zhang Yun Long, Eleanor Lee, Zhang Jun Ning, this drama is a story revolving around a sunny youth and a marine biology student as they work together to protect the ocean.

An Fei (Eleanor Lee) is a scholar who harbors a crush on a young and accomplished scientist named Mo Liang (Zhang Jun Ning). She dreams of becoming a top researcher in the country in order to protect the ocean. One day, she encounters Ye Hai (Zhang Yun Long), a young man who seems to bring her bad luck. Ye Hai not only opposed the project that An Fei has been working on but he also makes up stories about her by claiming that she’s his wife.

Finding Ye Hai arrogant and weird, An Fei tries to avoid him at all costs until she realizes that he may have been right along. As she gets to know him, memories of a past relationship begin to surface just like the legendary story of Poseidon and Amphitrite. (synopsis credit to dramalist)

This drama has quite okay story plot in the beginning episodes but somewhat it turned out to be little bit mess in the middle of the story and too much unnecessary details and I don’t think it helps the story plot to progress. Actually I’m  little bit intrigue with the story when Ye Hai turned to be Poseidon because I wonder what this Poseidon wants to do after he found his Amphitrite. Also I wonder why he asked her forgiveness and would she forgive him? At the end of the story, this is still a mystery for me.

As for the actors and actresses. I should say, all of them have such good chemistry especially Eleanor Lee and Leon Zhang Yun Long. I don’t have any problem or thing to talk about their acting because they did good job. Speak frankly, if not because the casts, also the beauty filming shoots, I might stop at the middle because I really felt frustrated with the story plot. I endured the drama till the last because I really appreciated the casts and the sweetness between An Fei and Ye Hai, these two characters could offer.

My rate: 7/10


The Brightest Star in the Sky (夜空中最闪亮的星)

Xing Kong Yu Le (Star Entertainment) is kind of exclusive entertainment company that served as talent agency and label records that have many superstars in it and Zheng Bo Xu (Huang Zi Tao) is one of the most famous C-pop singer that Star Entertainment has. Zheng Bo Xu is well-known for his cold characters and because of it, he frequently changing assistant. Yang Zhen Zhen (Janice Wu) is a newbie in Star Entertainment for promotion division but because Zheng Bo Xu assistant suddenly resigned, the company asked Yang Zhen Zhen to be Zheng Bo Xu’s assistant.

Zheng Bo Xu and Yang Zhen Zhen relationship are started with hating and disliking each others but after many times that they spent together, finally two of them are trying to know and find each others strengths and kindness. Zheng Bo Xu is someone who cold outside but actually nice person with warm personality while Yang Zhen Zhen is courageous girl in her petite shape.

To be honest, I have high expectation for this drama since they announced the casts. Having Janice Wu as the female lead and Niu Jun Feng as second lead, I did expect to watch something nice. Although Huang Zi Tao is a member of boyfriend in the past and decided to go solo, to be honest, his acting is passable for me, compare to Victoria Song.

This drama has very simple story plot. It has sweetness, fluffy love story with not really complicated story in it. The flow is good but somewhat I feel this drama is made for Huang Zi Tao not a story about Zheng Bo Xu and Yang Zhen Zhen, these characters. Perhaps because of this, Huang Zi Tao acting looked even more natural because he might portray himself rather than Zheng Bo Xu. Many scenes, when I watched this drama, I didn’t feel watching Zheng Bo Xu instead real Huang Zi Tao.

The things that I really like in this drama, there are many nice songs although almost all are Huang Zi Tao’s songs. I glad Janice Wu really can create good chemistry with Huang Zi Tao and this better compare to Huang Zi Tao and Yang Mi which I think too over. For me the kissing scene is alike as if it gotten censorship. It really far from what I have expected.

My Rate: 7/10


The Legend Of White Snake (新白娘子传奇)

For Chinese drama-chaser, I think we are not foreign with White Snake legend. It has remake for many times and the most legendary for me, perhaps 1992 White Snake played by Angie Chiu and Ye Tong as Xu Xian.

The Legend Of White Snake 2019, casts, Yu Meng Long as Xu Xian, Ju Jing Yi as Bai Su Zhen, Xiao Yan as Xiao Qing and Pei Zi Tian as Fa Hai.

There are many pro and contra about this new white snake. Despite of those sounds, the main interest for me actually the cast. I heard Ju Jing Yi is one of the most suitable and beautiful woman to portray Madam White Snake and Yu Meng Long has kind of elegance that Xu Xian had.

To be honest, this drama is such boring because I really felt Bai Su Zhen and Xu Xian interaction just too bland. If not because Xiao Qing, I really did give up since the beginning episode. I can say that the support casts such as Fa Hai and Xiao Qing are stealing the spot light. Even the side casts alike four guards that guarded Xiao Qing are done a good job.

My Rate: 5.5/10


L.O.R.D Critical World ( 爵迹·临界天下)

As the 7th duke, Yin Chen (Joe Cheng) has the ability to wield the power of the wind, fire, water and earth. As he tries to protect his disciple Qi Ling (Zhang Ming En), he uncovers an earth-shattering secret.

During the 15th century B.C., the descendants of previous emperors were caught in an endless battle for the rule over Shang. Although succeeds in assuming the throne, the nation has become rife with internal and external turmoil. According to legends, the one who obtains the help of Chi You’s descendant can rule the world. Yin Chen leads the search in hopes of ending the conflict. Qi Ling is a young man from a small village who becomes Yin Chen’s disciple by chance, thus beginning his extraordinary journey. (credit to dramalist)

I don’t know why, most of Guo Ji Ming’s works aren’t my cup of tea. Let say tiny times series and even LORD Movie. I can’t say that I really hooked up or put high expectation with it because I never have thought to re-watch all of those. But, strangely during the process, I did enjoy it only there is no much impression left after watch.

What I can recall the reason to watch this drama because there got many actors and actresses that I like such as Joe Cheng (Like him after watched magic ring and really like him after ISWAK), Zhang Ming En (The Mystic Nine), Huang Meng Ying (Eternal Love).

As for the story plot, it quite little hard to understand and with all the information given, I think I do okay even for me who haven’t read the novel. The beginning episodes are so interesting but somewhat it little bit dragging in the middle to end. It is so uncommon for me to fall in love with antagonist characters but I really like Lei Ya (Zhao Yi) and You Ming (Wang Chuang). These two antagonists left deep impression to me, especially You Ming. I wonder, is You Ming liking Shen Yi or Lei Ya more.

My Rate: 8/10


Detective L (绅探)

Shanghai in 30s, the progress in the entertaining industry, the glamorous lifestyle, at the time when everyone was falling for deep sleep, an intriguing crime case is slowly happened inside the bustling city. Qin Xiao Man (You Jing Ru), a beautiful graduated from police academy joining the investigation division. When she moved to her new rented room, she met Luo Fei (Bai Yu), a famous detective who also her colleague. First time they met, there wasn’t any good impression which resulted little bit conflict whenever met face to face, but because of weird case, two later became good partner when solving the case.

This drama perhaps one of the best web drama (for detective story plot) so far I have watched within this half year. It has neat and clear story plot. Almost no fillers and the thing that I loved from this drama is, Detective L doesn’t have dragging story plot and for me, it has good ‘portion’ in each episodes.

The chemistry is strong. As usual Bai Yu’s acting never disappointing me. The others actresses and actors, the support casts also did super good job. Every cases in this drama has very good story plot. The most memorable case for me is about four best sisters who adopted by Mother Qi.

My Rate: 9/10


My True Friend (我的真朋友)

Cheng Zhen Zhen (Angelababy) after fired from her customer service job, she sends out her resume everywhere, expected to get new job faster. After sometime she finally hired by A&J, a local real estate agency as the new agent. New to real estate world, Cheng Zhen Zhen is so enthusiast started her day as the rookie agent.

Shao Peng Cheng (Deng Lun) is a second wealthy generation young master who just came back from overseas, leaving his study behind only to have fun. When his father knew that he dropped out from his school, he was sent to work in one of the branches store that owned by his family. It is the same branch where Cheng Zhen Zhen works.

Jing Ran (Zhu Yi Long) is a famous architect who worked in Italy. He is also Cheng Zhen Zhen crush and also her senior brother when they were still student.

My True Friend is another triangle love story drama that has real estate as theme. This drama can have good story plot if they could cut off the fillers and also cast better female lead. The idea to take real estate theme, actually is good because through this story, we can know how real estate agent work and also the emotions changing from purchasing, buying and even reselling the house. The warm of home and also the attachment from the previous owner and finding the most suitable house for living.

I think this is the N times, how I really displeased with Angelababy acting. I can’t see any progress even some claimed that her acting is better. LOLS! No offensed. In my opinion, I think Angelababy is doing good as model (she as very good body shape) and the most for acting, she perhaps can do well to shoot MV but not drama or movie.

Talking about casting, I thnk having Deng Lun and Zhu Yi Long, these two superstars aren’t guarantee this drama is succeeded. Because most of people who have watched it rate it low, judging from how negative this drama got not only because its story plot but most because Angelababy.

Exclude Angelababy, I should say that the other actresses are done good good. One of the actress that especially caught my attention is Tian Xi Wei who acted as Xi Shan, the newbie agent who coming from countryside to Shanghai looking for her boyfriend who working in A&J estate. There was a scene in which Xi Shan cried because she felt so frustrated with her boyfriend. She drunk and chatted with Cheng Zhen Zhen. To be honest, this perhaps only a simple scene but I am totally annoyed with Angelababy acting in that scene. Tian Xi Wei had done very good job, she delivered her emotion very good and yet, because of Angelababy acting, it spoiled that atmosphere.

This drama should have high rate because I really like Deng Lun and Zhu Yi Long but…

My Rate: 5.5/10

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