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C-Novel: The Wolf Husband And Green Plum Wife (狼竹马与青梅妻) 50

Finally The Wolf Husband And Green Plum Wife is reaching chapter 50 which means we are going to complete this Chinese Novel soon. I can say that the translation is done about 90%. So the story has moved from little An Jia Qi, teenager An Jia Qi and older An Jia Qi.

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Chapter 50

Acting Club

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There are many student’s organizations in university, therefore the first year junior sisters and brothers would feel bit confused and dizzy when asking them to choose which organization they would like join due to many options. Compare to active Dong Yi Yi who went to apply to seven types of student’s organization, An Jia Qi only went to apply for two and one of the organization actually forced by Gu Ran, Acting Club.

In the past Gu Ran did serve as University C president of student council and Wei Rong was the one who create Acting Club. But because the tight of funds, this acting club scale has been particularly small. But since Su Zhan Mo become this president of student council, also being plastered and coaxed by Gu Ran, Su Zhan Mo took a risk by giving him a reasonable operating amount of fund.

To one’s surprised, Gu Ran really a talented person, only by depending on this operational funds, adding his persistence and stubbornness characters, this acting club has become the second most popular student organization in University C. Every new semester there would be student who are coming to apply but the member of this club just too limited. Therefore anyone who wanted to join acting club must be passed five tests in order to join this acting club. As for An Jia Qi, her joining to this acting club could be said as getting through behind door (get privileged)

Someone alike An Jia Qi who joining the acting club through back door, she is not really welcomed among the Veterans (seniors). But due to the pressured which given by the club president and also the president of student council, they still should have given An Jia Qi something to do. Therefore it’s only An Jia Qi who keeps on doing the chores in acting club.

“An Jia Qi, the equipment for group one, has you prepared it?”


 “An Jia Qi, have you wiped clean the dancing floor?”

“Wait a minute…”

“An Jia Qi, group two equipment should have tidied.”

“Later I will go…”

Every night during the acting club activities, An Jia Qi would be super busy with her endless chores. Can’t help, this is because she joining the acting club through back door. So that if she doesn’t do her work well, how can she be treated fairly with those members who get in because of their acting skill?

Every day Dong Yi Yi sees An Jia Qi directly go to sleep right after she takes a bath because tired. This is the reason why Dong Yi Yi pissed off, therefore she wanted to look for Gu Ran or Su Zhan Mo, letting them know about An Jia Qi condition. But, she was stopped by An Jia Qi. This isn’t because An Jia Qi is a saint or easy to get bullied, but because An Jia Qi really taking care of her face so that she decided to gulp down all her anger.

There is another reason, this is because the Senior Sister whom she called as flat chest also joining acting club. At the first day when this Senior Sister saw An Jia Qi, she has already asked her around to do many things. She even bet with An Jia Qi that she would absolutely not be able to stay more than 7 days in acting club. But since An Jia Qi is type of stubborn person, she decided to play tough with this senior sister.

She determined neither to rely on Su Zhan Mo nor Gu Ran, she would only depend on her own strength, ensuring that all of the members of the acting club will acknowledge her. Thus no matter how tired and bitter she felt, An Jia Qi decided to grit her teeth and keep on preserving. She absolutely won’t let people to look down at her.

Accompanying by the stars, for once again An Jia Qi cleaning the acting club room alone, after that she locked the room and then prepared to pick up her boyfriend in school library.

But at the moment when turned her back, as seen Su Zhan Mo has been already standing not far from her place while his eyes staring at her. Because it has already late of night, An Jia Qi couldn’t see his expression clearly bus she still could feel his unhappy moods. Therefore she showed him her big smile while running over him, she hugged tight Su zhan Mo’s arm and acting coquettishly: “Mo Ge, why your self-study ended so early today? Frankly to say, I even thought to go to Pei Men township to buy you night snacks.”

During the day time when Su Zhan Mo was still inside Professor Zhou’s office room, he had heard few Junior brothers were talking and discussing about acting club activity. Due to his curiosity he eavesdropped for a while because not long time ago he had asked Gu Ran to let his Little Bride, An Jia Qi to join the acting club. The result of his eavesdropping was…

His little bride that he has been raising for many years was asking around by them to do chores. To say, personally he never had heart to ask his little bride to do any chores and yet they such bold to make his little bride do hard work. Suddenly the thought of ‘The white cabbage which he raised carefully, suddenly being arched by pig’ he absolutely feeling unhappy.

Hence at the night since the acting club started, Su Zhan Mo has already left library and secretly came to the acting club room. He was secretly observing how’s his little bride doing. As expected her situation was alike what the Junior Brother said. She was simply doing chores, no, comparing to maid her situation is even worst. The first reaction that he showed was flaring up. Trying to calm himself but after seeing how worse they treated her, immediately he burned with anger again.

But although he was anger, Su Zhan Mo still didn’t show up because he knew too well An Jia Qi’s character. Therefore he was waiting until An Jia Qi went out and then have talked with her, but after sometime she still didn’t go out so he waited but after all it has been nine o’clock he finally could see her when everyone has been leaving and left her alone as the last person out.

“How can this late of night?” Su Zhan Mo frowning his forehead when looked at An Jia Qi.

“This is because too busy….” An Jia Qi spoke, hugging onto Su Zhan Mo’s arm and then walked away.

“No need to go anymore.” Su Zhan Mo with his helpless eyes staring at An Jia Qi.

At one glanced An Jia Qi looked at Su Zhan Mo, she has known that Su Zhan Mo is trying to hold back his anger that almost explode, but she still unwillingly to give up.

“Mo Ge, since I was little to this big, I have been listening to you, this time, can you let me to persistent for one time?” An Jia Qi seriously looked at Su Zhan Mo, her eyes filled with persistent and also stubbornness.

Didn’t know how long time has passed, Su Zhan Mo heaved a sigh, he used his hand to rub her hair, didn’t say anything, it meant he has compromised.

“Hihihih….. Mo Ge is the best! Muach…” An Jia Qi happily jumped up, hanging on Su Zhan Mo’s body, she took an initiative to kiss on Su Zhan Mo’s cheek.

Su Zhan Mo saw An Jia Qi looked so happy, even though he has compromised her, but his heart still uncomfortable. Thus, the one who doomed in the first place was Gu Ran.

Hence at some summer vacation, someone has succeeded to make Gu Ran as worker who done all the chores. Everyday he worked alike cow, but also didn’t get any reward from his Boss.

An Jia Qi still like she used to be, everyday she helped everybody without any complain. Later after sometime, many of the acting club members have changed their view toward An Jia Qi. Doing the chores not only An Jia Qi alone. Basically there would also few members who were willingly to let An Jia Qi to get small role in the stage.

In short, finally An Jia Qi from behind the scene got to the front scene, this can be considered as her huge progress.

Of course not only the harmonious still there, to be example senior sister, the person who not succeeded to pursue Su Zhan Mo, who being said flat chest by An Jia Qi became absolutely awkward. But no matter how dissatisfied she was, she couldn’t screw up everyone’s wishes. But because she felt irritates to An Jia Qi, automatically she dropped out from acting club.

Gradually, An Jia Qi mixed well in acting club, thus at one night….

An Jia Qi excitedly pulled her dorm mates and also her boyfriend to school hall, asked them to watch her performance.

After ten minutes the show has begun, the dorm mates and Su Zhan Mo have been so seriously watching. They were trying hard to wait for An Jia Qi appearance.

After the show passed twenty minutes, all the dorm mates and Su Zhan Mo gradually have frowned their forehead. But still haven’t given up to look for An Jia Qi.

After the show has passed for thirty minutes, the dorm mates and Su Zhan Mo have given up to search for An Jia Qi, still only Su Zhan Mo who stared at the stage carefully looked at every roles.


After one hour the show finally ended, An Jia Qi cleared her makeup, excitedly she rushed out from the school hall, shaking Su Zhan Mo’s arm, surprisingly asked: “Mo Ge, Mo Ge, what do you think about my acting skill? Am I a real shot?”

Su Zhan Mo frowned his forehead, with complicated face he stared at An Jia Qi excitedly face, he tried his best to remember which character she was, at last he still not able to think, so that he asked: “Actually what role you have played?”

“Mo Ge, weren’t you recognizing me?” An Jia Qi showed her gotten hurt expression while looking at Su Zhan Mo, now that expression changed to be more alike resentment.

“I was the only one who staying in the stage for the longest time, okay?”

After Su Zhan Mo listened to An Jia Qi’s words, suddenly he seized An Jia Qi for while, quietly he asked: “Could it be you were acting as the big tree which kept on moving?”

After he spoke, as seen An Jia Qi’s pair of eyes brighten up, she nodding her head, that expression just alike a puppy which gotten a meat and bone.

“……….” Su Zhan Mo silent, after a while, he patted his little bride’s head, encouraging her: “Your acting isn’t bad….”

Having Su Zhan Mo encouragement and also his support, An Jia Qi took all the small roles in the acting club. Whether she played as stone, poles, fake mountain, come one after the other, just none of role that able to move. But An Jia Qi was still so enthusiastic , everyday she went for having a practice, on stage she still happily acting, when she stepped down the stage still so happily to test out Su Zhan Mo’s vision strength….

And later, for once again An Jia Qi asked her dorm mates and also Su Zhan Mo to come at her performance, other than Su Zhan Mo, others girl if they could run away then they would run away, if they couldn’t run away then they would come out with various reason in order to refuse.

Hence An Jia Qi complained to Su Zhan Mo, said that her dorm mates didn’t understand about art, it was only her who able to act that kind of role, a superb acting skill. Perhaps because of Instructor Tu’s words, who asked An Jia Qi has the best standing posture of military, so that she is the best choice to be picked as quiet image….

Although the university life is so colorful, but still they could not escape from examination fate. Perhaps the best said as long as someone still a student, then no one could escape from a fate called examination.

One month before the examination, An Jia Qi should bring her books and run to library disturbing Su Zhan Mo. Because she realized, as long as she is staying beside Su Zhan Mo then she could peacefully study.

So that Su Zhan Mo who is finance student also cross-major to biology major, and also he should have focused on An Jia Qi too. But even so, An Jia Qi’s English as university student still failed. So during the winter vacation, An Jia Qi was forced to study English diligently by Su Zhan Mo, that circumstance even comparable to the high school and also university entrance examination.

“cheers…. Congratulation to my Mo Ge who become postgraduate student in University C.” An Jia Qi pouring the juice, laughing hihihi looking at Su Zhan Mo whose face didn’t look so happy. Who asked her to fail during the examination!

“Lao Da, this is a happy day, don’t pull long face…. You see didn’t Lao Da Fu Ren has passed her retake? Well, isn’t there a saying, if university student not fail exam, then it won’t be perfect… hihi…” Gu Ran positioned himself as he peacemarker

“That’s right… how about I promise later I won’t be failed anymore?” An Jia Qi pouted her mouth spoke softly.

After Su Zhan Mo has heard An Jia Qi promise, his facial expression was getting much better.

Second semester, Su Zhan Mo because his graduation thesis has long time been finished, his free time became so abundant. Thus, most of his time he didn’t stay at school, he went outside to run business, continuing his priority to have his own business. Not to mention, now it still counted as small achievement, on the right track. Still professor Zhou really so happy, he even especially used his connection, for Su Zhan Mo in order to get few big orders. Just as Gu Ran said, as long as these few orders taken, Su Zhan Mo’s wife basic necessity is settled.

But An Jia Qi didn’t really feel happy, because her time with Su Zhan Mo is getting lesser, basically it was alike during third year senior high, one week only meet twice. Sometimes one month they would not meet each other. This make An Jia Qi alike any other girls who developing little stubbornness, she even forced Su Zhan Mo to put down all his works and then came to accompany her.

For example this day…

Early in the morning An Jia Qi has already gone out, she prepared to celebrate Su Zhan Mo 21st birthday. An initially Su Zhan Mo has promised her that today he would take one day rest, accompanying her to celebrate birthday. But an early morning he had picked a phone call from his partner-company, said that a project that he had done before has little bit problem, immediately needed to be settled. Thus, Su Zhan Mo has left An Jia Qi again, entered to his office room and then continuing to work.

From early in the morning he has been so busy until five o’clock at noon, then finally the matter has settled. By this time he has remembered his appointment with An Jia Qi. Hurried he looked for his mobile phone which he has tossed to somewhere before. Turned on, it displayed thirties something miscalls and also tens short messages. Because mobile phone is set into silent mode, so that Su Zhan Mo didn’t pay attention to his mobile phone.

Su Zhan Mo hurrying to call back the number, but he couldn’t connect to An Jia Qi’s mobile phone And then he hurried to call to An Jia Qi’s dorm, her dorm mates said that An Jia Qi has gone out early in the morning, until now she hasn’t come back.

Since Su Zhan Mo didn’t find the person he looked for, then he opened and read all the messages.

First few short messages still looked so normal, but later, the messages were sounding angrier more.

Especially the last message, it caused Su Zhan Mo who always calm turned out to be panic.

Su Zhan Mo you are rotten bastard, I want to break up with you….


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