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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 490

Chapter 490

As Long As He stays, She Will Live

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“Hurry, Mrs. Feng is coming out!” Those reporters that have been waiting in front of the apartment entrance, when they saw Yao Yao went out, hurried they coming over her.

“Mrs. Feng, regarding to the scandal’s photos that exposed CEO Feng affairs, have you seen it?”

“Mrs. Feng, not long ago there was a person who reported to you, CEO Feng checked into the hotel room with a mysterious woman, your stances during that time was acting such protective toward him, at that time, was it because you really didn’t know CEO Feng was having an affair, or you did it only to protect his image, therefore you were choosing to make a denial for everything?”

“At this moment, how will you settle all this matter? Will you divorce him? How about the marital assets?”

One by one of the questions asked by the reporters, Yao Yao expressionless down her head: “Sorry, I’ve something urgent to take care, I can’t answer any question at this moment.” Hurried she stepping away from the reporters who were crowded her, she stretched out her hand to stop a taxi and left.

“Miss, where are we going?”

“Just take around, and then we return back.”

“Understand.” The driver moved the car, while the reporters still busy taking her photos although she has gotten inside the taxi.

About half hour later, when Yao Yao returned, all of the reporters have gone, as seen at the same time… Yu Ao Tian also had left too.

That small room returned to be a quiet and also cold place, Yao Yao walked heading to her room, powerless she lying down on her bed, and then her hand grabbed the quilt which later covered her head…

She cried. It was a crying sound of frustration that she had, the sound came from her quilt…

The next three days in row, basically Yao Yao was spending her time on her bed, she didn’t eat and also drink, she just stared blankly on her bed when she woke, she wakes up and then sleep again, sleep and then wake again.

Sometimes whether she was in haze state or conscious, she still could feel that Yu Ao Tian is coming every day, but both of them didn’t talk, he would only stay at there for few hours and then gone….

Just at the fourth night, for once again Yu Ao Tian made an appearance.

He glanced at the food and also the water which have been piling up on the bed, still seemed not be touched as before.

His hand made a fist, hurried he dashing to the bedside: “Bao Bei, wake up! Wake up!” hand, it is gently caressing on her face.

Yao Yao opened her eyes slightly, but soon she closed it again.

“You wake up!” suddenly, he used strength to unwrap her from the quilt.

She blankly sat on there, raised her heavy eyelids, for once again powerlessly she slumped down.

Just right at the moment, Yu Ao Tian’s face changed to be so black, his body pressed down on her, a kiss, as if able to tear her lips.

Gradually, the deep kisses penetrated.

But she still not moving, her body rigid as if a corpse, quietly she closed tight her eyes, as if she completely couldn’t feel that man trying to get into her, she ignored.

“Damn it!” Yu Ao Tian gritting his teeth, unprepared…

“ Uh…” at this time, finally Yao Yao gave her weak response, but it was only a weak humph.

“Bao Bei, if you aren’t getting back to yourself, it will hurt you more!”

After while, without waiting her to react, Yu Ao Tian’s eyes flashed…

He forcefully tearing her clothes only to wish…

As if the tearing feeling able to exchange with Yao Yao rationale, suddenly she opened her eyes, staring at the man in front of her: “You… what are you doing?” Gosh, what are they doing?

“Finally you give a reaction? Very good!” Yu Ao Tian straightly looked at her pair of panicking eyes, he spoke word by word: “Starting from today, you are only allowing to be happy because of me and also sad because of me. although you Luo Yao Yao wants to cry, then it should be me, Yu Ao Tian who cause it!” After said, suddenly he quicker his action.

“No!” How could the situation change to this point? Why suddenly messed up? She tried her utmost to struggle.

But the pressure given by the man as if he is a big mountain.

Two people didn’t separate not even a minute.

Gradually, she gave up to struggle, she stared him with kind of helpless and also sad eyesight.

Actually… what a kind of mess she gotten into?

That white pale face of hers blushed pinkish, the bitter moaning sound turned out to be such beautiful sound, as if the sound of nature sounded so beautifully. Yu Ao Tian’s face which was gloomy before gradually replaced by his devilish face…

“Bao Bei, tell me, currently who is the man that staying beside you?” It was kind of overbearing way of speaking.

She gritting her teeth, turned her head to another side.

Yu Ao Tian narrowed his eyes, forcing her head to turn back, that bottomless pair of eyes has kind of oppressive gleam when staring at her empty pair of eyes: “Say it!”

She bitterly frowned her forehead, but her mouth still shut closed.

“Call out my name!” he used his strength, he used commending way of speaking tone.

She even gritted more and closed tighter her mouth.

“Damn it!” Yu Ao Tian put more force: “Call my name! Little Thing, call my name!”

The man even showing more his possessiveness and also his stronger desire of her.

As if he wanted to tell her, to engrave the memory forever in her that who is the man with her!

Finally, Yao Yao couldn’t win over the force given by that man…

“Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian!” She called out over and over his name.

At this moment, as if Yu Ao Tian has gotten something that such satisfied him, gently he kissed her little mouth…

At this moment, Yao Yao finally understood, last time when they were hiding inside a big jar in that mysterious village, actually she had given this man kind of heavy wound…

That day…

En… Chen Yi…’

‘Whose name are you calling?’

‘Calling Chen Yi, what’s matter? Since the beginning, as long as you done it with me, I will think about Chen Yi!’

‘Little Thing, now I will let you know, who I am!’

‘Yes.. Feng… Chen… Yi!’


‘Chen… Yi!’

‘Call my name!’

‘Chen Yi!’

“Call my name!”

‘Chen Yi!’

Since then, he didn’t touch her anymore.

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10 thoughts on “C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 490

  1. ish ish. i really dont like aotian attitude towards Yao Yao
    Eventhought he really worried with Yao Yao condition now
    but forced her to make loved with him to bring her sense i think its really wrong way
    why he always hummiliated Yao Yao
    whether it cuz his pervert nature🤔
    i think Yao Yao it still have loved feeling towards Chen yi
    if not how could she tortured herself cuz of sadnest because Chen yi betrayed her for Twice
    and My heart really annoying when aotian forced her to call out his name
    look how Yao Yao called his name with frustation .really selfish

    i just imagine how if the situation Changing become aotian who has affair love and betrayed her as boyfriend and Chen yi who accompany Yao Yao in sad moment whether he Will
    doing what aotian did to Yao Yao
    i mean force her to make A love with him! ?

    1. Well she don’t love chenyi but has feeling of family with him but truly she’s in love with YAT. He’s ways are always rude but he has purest intentions. He’s may be selfish but he loves her very much.
      I hate him the way he treated her in the beginning but love the way he is treating her now.
      I hated chenyi from the beginning but now I just want.him due and go to he’ll with his bitch.

  2. from the very beginning – YY chose YAT in the host club – time after time his true nature is always being shown in snippets to her and she still gravitates towards him….

  3. without YAT checking in on LYY, her willpower can be quite strong to see her parents much sooner
    thank you

  4. More of readers thinking that chen yi feng didnt loved yao yao with sincere just because he betrayed her for twice .But i still believed that his love toward yao yao never changed since he met her 6 years ago in school day. And i dont want to waste my time and my strenght to explain why .Let the time proved all to us .We will know the truth sooner or later whether he chen yi loved yao yao with sincere like aotian who loved yao yao or not

    aah and i forgot yesterday i have not thanked to you for translate this chapter
    thank you so much dear GBU 😉

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