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C-Novel: A Naive Short-tempered Girl (纯情丫头火辣辣) 547

Chapter 547

The Mission To Steal From Yu Ao Tian

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“It wasn’t the bombing that disturbing us but the wounds that you, Director Yu has gotten caused by the explosion. You have frightened us. We are coming here especially to check on you.” The Air Force General Commander smiled when he was speaking.

Through this, it could be seen, Yu Ao Tian indeed has such good connection. After all, these five high rank military officers were even making their time available only to see him.

“Hahahaha, then you guys are flattering me so much.”

“Director Yu, you are just too modest with us. Every projects and also cases which brought by our military divisions, you will always personally check and come to us, giving us your suggestion so that our military forces can improve so fast and well-stable. Impossible for us not to come to see you once we heard something like this happened to you, right?”

“Hahahahaha, thank you for the concern you have for me.” Yu Ao Tian and these few military officers had a simple conversation before all of them left him.

“Xiao Sun.” Not long after those military officers left, Yu Ao Tian called out one of the bodyguard who was guarding in front of the room.

“Director Yu, what can I do for you?”

“What time is it?”

“Now is morning nine o’clock.”

So it could be said that he has been losing his consciousness for one day and one night?

“Miss Luo?” He asked.

That bodyguard was thinking for while: “Oh, that Miss that you had protected before? She got a light injure, nothing serious.”

After Yu Ao Tian heard it, at last he could let out a sigh of relief: “Where is she now? Which ward she stays?” Standing up, he took his outer from the hanger, it took so much effort of him to wear his clothes.

“Director Yu, that Miss… Right the moment the auxiliary ship docked… she had left immediately.”

“She left?”

“That’s right.” The bodyguard helplessly pouted his mouth, with soft voice almost alike murmured: “You get injured because protected her, even she didn’t come to thank you, at least she should come here to check on your condition… but… she didn’t do any, not even came to see your condition…”

After Yu Ao Tian heard this, immediately he glared at that bodyguard. But, one still could be seen there was kind of disappointed eyesight on his pair of eyes…

“Uhm… Director Yu, when you was still in unconscious state, Minister Qi did come to see you. He did ask me to tell you that he was heading back to the State of Council, he also asked you to have a rest and the most important, you don’t need to hush yourself to back for working.”

“En.” With his indifferent expression Yu Ao Tian slightly nodding his head and then at the moment when he seemed wanted to sit down, suddenly he rushed to the doorway and got out.

“Eh? Director Yu, where are you going?”

“I am going home to have a rest.”

“Well then, I will immediately send few men to escort you.” After said, Xiao Sun hurried asked few military men, directly to escort Yu Ao Tian out from the auxiliary ship.

The car that going to send him home was a military jeep which has been already been standing in the dock. Yu Ao Tian were accompanying by four bodyguards included Xiao Sun.

Not long after the military jeep left the dock, suddenly the driver was stepping the brake.

“What’s going on? Don’t you know that Director Yu is injured?” Xiao Sun angrily and starting to nag at the driver.

The driver with his innocent look turned his head: “I am so sorry Director Yu. There is a woman that suddenly stopped in front of our jeep, I am also… No way.”

“It’s okay Xiao Sun, you get down and take a look. What does she want!”

“Yes, Director Yu.” The bodyguard that called as Xiao Sun, hurried he going down from the jeep, not long after that he came back with a short-breath, he brought that woman with him. “Director Yu, this is the woman that helping you before!”

Seeing at Xiao Sun who was still standing outside the jeep, Yu Ao Tian bottomless eyes gradually looked at the woman that been carrying…

That was her!

“Xiao Sun, why did you say this woman was the person who helped me before?

“Oh, it is because like this… When you were bleeding and needing immediate blood transfusion, the ship that responsible to bring the blood hadn’t arrived. Since this woman has a same blood type with you, she was the one who took the initiate to donate her blood for you. Listened to what the doctor said, after she donated her blood to you, she did faint for while. Perhaps they had taken her blood more a bit, therefore she fainted.”

“So it was…” Yu Ao Tian nodded his head hinting that he understood.

“Director Yu, what should we do now?”

That pair of bottomless eyes glanced at that woman’s white pale face, he waved his hand: “Take her with us to my house.”

“Yes!” After said, Xiao Sun who still carrying Lei Lei, got into the jeep…

Three days later, Feng Group…

“The inspection of Nissan Company would be starting from next day. we have already asked the assistant of Nissan Company’s Director to start the inspection. CEO Luo, this is the schedule of the inspection flow.” Inside the meeting room, all the division managers have done with their reports. They handed over the report documents in front of Yao Yao.

She lowered her head, constantly she scrolling the new feed in her mobile phone, so that she completely didn’t aware people were staring at her this moment.

Hei Yan Long who has been sitting on her right side, frowning: “Ahem! Ahem!” He forceful to let out two times coughing voice.

By this time, finally Yao Yao paid attention, she raised her head and saw the manager that standing right in front of her face: “Ah!” She showed startled expression and then her eyesight showed bit confused, she was staring right and left.

“CEO Luo, this is the document of the inspection process, please take a look of it!” Hei Yan Long accentuated his speaking tone.

Quickly she took a look at the document from the manager: “Hahahaha, okay, okay. I will take detail look later.” She was forcing herself to show her smile on her face: “Everyone, do you still have anything to report? If there is nothing, then… meeting is dismissed.”

All of the people were exchanging their sights, due to Yao Yao condition right now, even though they still had thing to report, it better for them not to. Just wait for another time.

One by one of them were leaving the meeting room.

Yao Yao was still sitting on her seat while her hand kept on scrolling and checking her mobile phone. Ckckckck, it has been three days already. Why there was still no news? Why didn’t call me or just text me?

“Luo Yao Yao!” Hei Yan Long has already lost his patient, when all the people left, he looked so angry to the point his hand slapped on the table.

Yao Yao shivered due to her surprised: “Vice CEO Hei… You, are you okay?”

“From what I have been seeing, currently it isn’t me who having matter but you!” Standing up, hurried he walked in front of her: “What have you been doing for these few days? Is your soul wandering? Everyday when we are having meeting you are playing with your mobile phone, even when you are staying at your office room! If you don’t want to work then you can directly ask for work leave. You don’t have to waste our time!” Hei Yan Long is type of man who couldn’t tolerate other’s mistake, moreover when he saw how unfocused Yao Yao lately, it just angered him more!

“Sorry, I am sorry. Vice CEO Hei. These few days… these few days I have something bothering me.” Since the day she got the news Gong Xiao Man kidnapped, how possible she still have mind to take care of company matter? Everyday if she isn’t cracking her head on how to safe Gong Xiao Man, then she would think how to steal the Micro SD from Yu Ao Tian.

“Listen carefully, Luo Yao Yao. Professionally, if you are having matter which needing to be settled, you can ask for work leave; and personally, if you have encountered problem, you may look for me. However, no matter what, you aren’t allowed to take your personal feeling when working, understood!”

Seeing how darkly Hei Yan Long expression right now, Yao Yao showed her guilty expressing, biting her lips: “I am so sorry. Then… I am taking work leave.” Standing up, at the time when she was going to leave.

“Wait.” Hei Yan Long grabbed on her arm to stop her, that strict face gradually changed to be softened: “What is going on?”

“It is a serious problem. But… I can’t tell you.”

Yao Yao has spoke to this point, because Yao Yao has been taking Hei Yan Long as her closest friend. Or else, she might be chosen not to say anything, instead of saying the detail of the matter which she has been facing was something serious, still she couldn’t say it to you.

*this mean Yao Yao trusted Hei Yan Long so that she honestly telling him that she is facing serious problem but she didn’t tell him because she didn’t want he get involved.



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      1. And about novel i will always feel sorry for HYL because he will never be able to become more than a friend to yao yao

  1. I feel today’s post is short. I am also mad at YY right now. YAT is smart so she should tell him about the kidnapping, she is just making everything complicated

  2. This is frustrating. YY is about to go to YAT house and meet LL. LL must be another plot by ZKR to distract YAT.

    1. She moved back after the fight they had with feng chen rui’s people as she doesn’t have any reason to stay.

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