About Azurro


Hi Called me Azurro ^_^

A simple ordinary person who likes to experience new things. Self-proclaimed as blogger who stepped into blogging world.

This my personal blog, which there is no specific topic. I blog whatever I like, it might be music (K-pop, C-pop, etc), Dramas, Movies, beauty, books, Hobbies, Liking or any thing which I really want to share.

Stalked my blog and you will find out more about me ^-^

Currently I am active in doing translating C-novels.

Get in touch with me (Qs and Business Inquires):
E-mail : azurro4cielo@gmail.com


  1. nixxara · December 29

    Thank you for your translations! I appreciate how often you post on the website >_<!
    And by any chance, are you aware of any other novels by Qian Cao besides The General Wants to Hug and Sleep and Being Loved Exclusively by You? I want to read more of Qian Cao's works! Thanks😀

    • azurro4cielo · December 29

      Depend on my mood and also my time.
      So far I post daily.

  2. azurro4cielo · July 20

    Hi there,
    You can send me an email

  3. idontreadsite · August 13

    Trying to subscribe so I can get the passwords to read the chapters

  4. ajlumanug · August 27

    Hi! How can I get the password to read the chapter in the novel The naive short-tempered girl? Thanks:)

    • azurro4cielo · August 27

      go to index section there is summary post. you can read the password chapters contain at there🙂

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