Rules and Steps

  • Do not put any answer in comment box (you must try it in the password box).
  • Don’t share the password which means don’t spread the answer in other places (ex: forum) once you able to enter the password post.

  • Don’t panic if you see this kind of password chapter because what you need only to put the answer into the password box.

Chapter 425 A + B
Quiz one:  Who is the name of Yu Ao Tian’s secretary in Berson Group?

Chapter 426 A
Quiz two: She is super star, Yu Ao Tian’s Ex-girlfriend. Who is she?

Chapter 426 B
Quiz three: He is the man who confessed his love to Yao Yao, he ever worked in Berson Group. What is his name?
Clue: he comes from rich family.

Chapter 427 (this chapter is super long)
Quiz four : What is Yu Ao Tian’s position in his mafia group?
Clue: refer to character detail

Chapter 428 – 429 (Long Chapter)
(Changed) Quiz Five : What is Yao Yao’s ‘adoptive’ Father name?
Clue: Died in car incident.
PS: the answer is automatically opened Chapter 429 too.

Chapter 430 – 433
Quiz Six : One of Feng Chen Yi’s best friend.
Clue : He adore Yu Ao Tian. His name is the longest one. Playful character.

Chapter 434 -436
Quiz Seven: The name of HYL’s company
Clue : refer to character detail

Chapter 437 – 442.2
Quiz Eight: Yu Ao Tian’s younger brother name.

Chapter 445 –
Quiz Nine: Yao Yao’s best friend name, she also madly in love with HLS.