Li Shao Mei Finally Admits to Huang Shi Jia

For some reason, I do find SETTV dramas very boring even Ai Shang Liang Ge Wo did make me feeling wanna to slap and flap table seeing how Huan Huan changed to be psyco who crazy marrying Lu Tian Xing and Tia acting that =.=” what makes me stay tune only Aaron Yan. he improves so much and he deserve to get better co-star, better drama.

Even tie the knot 媽咪的男朋友 has been very slow and only this week I gain my interest back to check out.

I do feel like waiting for ages only for yesterday scene. Finally Li Shao Mei wants to admit her feeling. She has “love” for Huang Shi Jia. She had rejected him with reasons that never matter to Shi Jia such as : Child, Hao Hao status, Her fears, Shi Jia’s family, etc.

To be honest from the very start, I never expect she will choose Liu Zi Jun (King One). It not because the character King One takes but more to King One, himself. For me, King one only suitable to takes second lead.

Tie The Knot might not the best drama I ever watched but somehow I got addicted to watch it just because the Cheryl and Nylon. The story plot kind of weird for me and I wonder how it will goes.

The drama mystery solve one by one since it has reached fifty six episodes and just like the others daily SETVV dramas it might end on sixty something or seventy something.

I am still curious why the story mention both Zi Jun and Shi Jia are ever doing sperm donor when they were in New York. then, who is the biological daddy of Hao Hao (I hope will be Shi Jia).

I can’t wait to watch how sweet Shi Jia and Shao Mei relationship after Shao Mei admitted to Shi Jia and how Shi Jia gonna ensure his family about Shao Mei and what will be happen later on.

The other couple attract me are Ou Pin Kang (Sun Qi Jun) and Huang Shi Ting (Tao Man Man) lovely-dovley relationship. another one might be Ma Liang Chuan who loves Zhi Lin alike insane.

tmp_Screenshot_2014-08-13-00-26-12-1-227425268How to interpret the eyes contact of Li Shao Mei (Cheryl) and Huang Shi Jia (Nylon)

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