Crystal’s Balckwood Arrived

20140908_135832Finally yesterday Crystal and Aillen Dog Food arrived safely after a week.

I was afraid that Crystal and Aillen won’t be able to enjoy their dog food because the delayed from the supplier. I bought this black wood cheaper than the before ones because I got extra discount plus freebies (the bowl and the fake bone)

I was ordered the same ones like before, Blackwood salmon meal and potato recipe, free grain. not really sure why Crystal and Aillen love this one better compare to the chicken meal and rice recipe which I bought as substitute, waiting this one came.

Crystal and Aillen really like their dog food and eat lots. Crystal even gain weight. She is about 6kgs to 6.5kgs shih tzu which kind heavy and I am really in trouble to carry her. funny things, Crystal is so kawaii with her appearance.

Aillen never has weight problem because she very active in catching and barking people. she loves to run and seldom stay calm not like Crystal who is so lazy, sleep all the day.


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