Book : The Daily Enlightenment

I would like to share one of my favorite book that really help me out when I stuck with problems.

The Daily Enlightenment is written by Shen Shian, Singaporean Buddhist practitioner, author, translator and editor. I got my book years ago when I was clueless about life. My life as teenager was lonely because I didn’t have anyone in school that worth to be called as friend.

I spent most of my time by reading book or doing something, alone. As I ever mentioned about my junior high school days, I was wondering and asking myself, why I was being hate? what mistake I did so they (classmates and teachers) seem hate me? I found my life was so boring and tiresome to the point doubting about life.

The Daily Enlightenment isn’t magic book that change my life drastically but more to guidance my self and re-think everything I did or I will do. I learn not to make my life complicated but at same time it also not as simply as it. The Daily Enlightenment  is a book that worth to read every day and it will give some inspiration for life.

For example:
9 october : Home Sweet Home
Our real home is not fixed place. It is whenever and wherever you feel at ease. Why delay coming home? Why not feel home sweet home here and now?

For the complete book you may check:
The Daily Enlightment




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