Review : 3 Concept Eyes Fabric Refresher sets


I’m back with my new review. So today I will review my first 3CE product.
Recently, 3CE product is very welcome in Indonesia market even though Style nanda doesn’t give so much disc or gift alike any other Korean product brands such as Etude Houe, HolikaHolika, Skin Food, etc.

This is very rare of me to review korean Brand product neither Skin care nor cosmetics. Well, because of my stupid mistake searching for face mist, I ended up myself to purchased fabric refresher 😦

Let start:
stylenanda_127361so this is the product look like.
One box contain 5 small bottles (50ml) with 5 different scents.

What the product said:
Mini sized fabric refresher for your clothes. carry on your pouch for portability and feel good with the pleasant scent all day long.

purify unpleasant scent
protect the fabric and leave a fragrance.

The product description for each bottles
3con-3762_enMy opinion
This is the WORST fabric refresher I ever used. to be honest, I would never and never recommended to others for purchasing such “rubbish” product that wasting money. I feel so bad when I knew, making wrong purchasing but the worse was, this product really didn’t work as it promised.

It true that the product has pleasant scent but the scent not long lasting as it promise, not even five minutes. so, could you imagine?
It didn’t take much time for me to make the review and admitted how stupid I really am.

None of the scent from the five bottle stay longer even for 5 minutes. the scent evaporated as the water absorb to the fabric.

No word than “VERY DISAPPOINTED” to describe how I really wasting money for such product. T^T


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