Review : Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

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I remembered the first time when SK II launched their SKII Facial Treatment Essence (FTE). It was so booming in Indonesia but we didn’t have any counter of SKII in my city that time. So, the purchasing would do either in Jakarta or Overseas such as Singapore.

During that time, I was madly in love with skin care product and badly wanted SKII FTE but the price was so fantastic which I couldn’t effort to buy. 1 bottle of FTE was about IDR 800K ups which kind of crazy number for me.

Since I really wanted to give a try, hearing from friends and also read some blog, SKII FTE has very reputable name and also had very positive reviewed. So, I made purchased for the sample size 20ml which cost me almost IDR200K.

Not long after SKII FTE, Missha also launched their Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence which has similar ingredients with SKII and cheaper price.
Then the latest copy cat is Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence (STE)

So, here is my review about this three products.

The texture:
Three of products have same texture which are clear liquid, three products have different smells.
SKII FTE smells more alike sake for me
Missha TRFTE smells like alcohol or ballpoint for me
Secret Ket STE smells like fermentation of something.

SKII FTE super expensive about IDR 1000-1200K
Missha TRFTE expensive about IDR 600-800K
Secret Key STE cheaper compare those two.

SKII contain parabens which I really dislike. I don’t know whether it only me or others would find that SKII might worsen the skin after stopped to use it. I wasn’t sure but from my last experienced when I purchased the sample size which last about two weeks (really finished every drop till dried XD ) I found that my skin had breakout and also some pimples appeared. It also gave me a burning sensation when applied onto my skin.

Missha TRFTE not containing parabens and it works much better compare to the SKII even I still complaining about the price. even, I didn’t have any problems while using this product, I also didn’t feel any drastically changed for my skin.

Secret Key STE is the latest product I tried which share similar feature to SKII and Missha. this product also not containing parabens, the fermentation scent not too heavy. I have use it for more or less two months. The result of secret key STE is very positive on me, at least I could see my pores get smaller. Price is really friendly.

After using Secret Key for sometime, I realized why my friends love this product much compare to the others two. it more effective, cheaper and also give more positive result compare to those two.

I really like the Secret Key STE beside the price but also the result it gives me, even I still need to combine it with other skin care products such as cream or gel. it absorb faster and the smell also easy gone. not really hurt my nose. oh ya, it suitable for all types of skin even I think it better on combination skin ^_^

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