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Food Review : Mochi, Purchasing Online


This is my first time to review food and it was purchased online one day before it be delivered to me.

Well, let me begin with how I decided to purchase this Mochi from my local city.
This Mochi is sell by the Medanist (people who live in Medan, North Sumatera). Since we are living in the same town, the freshness of the food is guarantee.

I was interested with the advertisement of this Mochi at somewhere which I really forget and directly saved the contact number in my mobile phone. To say, I am not Mochi fan but I really like to try somethings new. well, this mochi was being advertised very well, if I could say because I do make the order out of curious.

While my mom is huge fan of Japanese food included Mochi, She even said one the best Mochi she ever tasted was when she visiting Japan years ago.

Mochi Texture
This Mochi has very chewy texture but same time it kind liquid for the filling, maybe because they delivered too long to my house (I made the ordered on afternoon the before day and they delivered to my house at 5pm the next day).
They offered many taste with different price but I took the medium one which was the mix (redbeans and Matcha) as the picture above shown.

At the time I opened the package, I felt huge disappointed.
– The Mochi was so small
– The filling is not compact as it mention
– The taste is so so, nothing special

My mom even said what ah~ha~ah to called it as Japanese Mochi, it even far too compare with the other local Mochi which sell in traditional market making by the Ahjummas. My Mom really has good sense in eating so I believe with her judging XD

From price it really expensive compare to normal price mochi if we buy at the store or traditional market, plus I need to pay the delivery cost. I never really matter food price as long as the taste worth the price, but this one is far from what I thought.

Funny things, the business seems very good because they even mentioned about waiting list. this is also one of thing that attracting me when I made the order. normally, we might think what a very delicious food that we even need to wait for one day or even days for ordering before we could eat it.
stereotype : “the traffic/crowded place might taste the best”

Other things about the testimony, they put many customers testimony in their advertisement. Not only my mom and I who felt dissatisfied and two of friends who tasted it also said nothing special, it taste “eat-able”, no more that’s all.

well, this review is based on my experienced after tasting the food and I paid the food with my own money, no sponsorship and far from the intending to vilify others party.
This really my honest opinion


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