Review : Etude Every Month Cleansing Foam Apple and Tomatoes No 3


Finally I back with my review about skincare.
For over two months I really so focus with my translation project because it really addicting. I like to make myself busy because I don’t want to think others things especially “all things that will hurt my head”. Moreover, in this way, I could be more productive and worth-spend my time.

further more, I feel my Chinese really improve compare to previous months. Because of it, I gain some confidence to try the HSK examination XD

well, let move to the review…

I might crazy when  decided to try out all the series of Etude every months cleanser foam. It really took me for sometime to see which ones work better for me. Apples and Tomatoes are the fourth from twelve.

The Product description
this product is containing tomatoes and apple extract that brighten up dull complexion. this cleans up skin for radiant complexion.
product texture
The product is thick creamy foam and smell absolutely tomato rather than apple. The smell not really bother me because I like tomatoes for particular reason (love to drink the juice daily with additional carrot to mix with).

I don’t have problem when using the product by means no acne appear, no reddish, no itchy and nothing even brighten the dull skin. it just simply normal cleanser foam without any improvement and harm.

will I purchase it?
Absolutely won’t

Well, this is the short review about the product.


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