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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 13 – 14

I really have an extremely good mood which greatly improving “my energy” for past days.

Please let me share some of it :
Happy Birthday to myself, finally I grow older by another one year. Hopefully I could be maturer little bit since most of time I do act childish and stubborn XD XD XD

Happy to know finally one of my friend could fly to Philippine, pursuing her new life and better career. (while I hope could visit Australia soon ^.^ )

Congratz to my younger sister finally she able to “endure” working since this is her first job.

Etc ❤ ❤ ❤

Well, it better to move to the new chapters…

Chapter 13 Business Fluctuation

“Big sister in law.” Long Mo Er is so happy called out Mo Rong Li Zi who is busying.

“Wan Er Mei Mei, why you are coming?” Mo Rong Li Zi is putting down her account book, surprised looking at Long Mo Er said : “This is the first time that Mei Mei come to visit me, I feel bit honor and surprised!”

“Big sister in law, I come to see you!” Long Mo Er holding Mo Rong Li Zi’s hand, acted coquettishly.

Mo Rong Li Zi sees how Long Mo Er acted alike children, she smiled : “Burst out, why are you looking for me?”

“Aiya, Big sister in law, how could you know I have something, then looking for you? Are you fortune teller?”

“I am not a fortune teller but I know and see clearly you have something!”

“Ah? Really?”

Lu Qun who stays aside is observing. It won’t possible that Big Young Madam could see others thought. Won’t the real status of her Miss being guessed too, will her?

Long Mo Er and Lu Qun dumbfounded expression, makes Mo Rong Li Zi burst laughing : “ Stupid girl, you think that I am goddess! Who could see people’s heart, actually I lie to you, just playing and kidding you. You are so naïve little girl, letting all your matter obviously written on your face.”

“Ah? Really?” Long Mo Er touching her face.

“Alright lah, only kidding you, said, what kind of matter do you want to ask?” Mo Rong Li Zi asked : “let me make a guess, will it something related to the Third Young Master?”

For a moment, Long Mo Er face turned to beet red, she panic tried to explain to Mo Rong Li Zi : “Not about him, nothing related to Ye Che!”

“Is it?” Mo Rong Li Zi laughed, looking at this little girl Long Mo Er, it seems that she won’t guess wrong, there might be something happen between Long Mo Er and the Third Young Master, both of them may get along well! They even made Mother and I worried for half of day, but now, I should let Mother to see, so Mother will be rest assured more!

“It true, really true that is nothing related to him.” Long Mo Er moving her head randomly, just afraid of being mistaken by Mo Rong Li Zi.

“He he he, so what do you want to know?” Mo Rong Li Zi asked her, doesn’t want to play anymore.

For long time, finally Long Mo Er opened her mouth : “ Big sister in law, the south courtyard there is some of thatched cottage, what place it is?”

This kind of question makes Mo Rong Li Zi to ask Long Mo Er : “How could you go there?”

“I am boring, doing nothing, unconsciously walking until there, who is living in that cottage? And what secret is being kept in that cottage?”

“Ah. This. I really can’t tell you. If you really want to know, you should ask Third Young Master. This question only by the Third Young Master who could give you the answer. Sorry, Mei Mei, this is the secret of the Ye’s family.”

“The secret of the Ye’s family? Is it that important?”

“I think it considered as an important!” Mo Rong Li Zi gave an apology expression.

“Big sister in law, really give you hard time.”

“Don’t be so courteous to me.” She paused for a while then continues said: “If you want to ask Third Young Master, it better to wait bit longer!”


“The business of the Ye’s family not really good for these past two days, Ye Yan and Third Young Master are so busy outside and inside.”

“Not good?”

“In the past until now, normally the Ye’s metal business such as Accessories, gems, jewelry, cloth material, leathers, medicine, etc are always get profit, but after the price being standardized the selling keeps on decreasing, on the contrary Zhang Ji which always at our back has very good business and also it is taking some of our big customers, I just finished completing all the accounting.”

“Zhang Ji, I ever heard from my Father, but it isn’t as big as Ye’s family business, how could it has better business than Ye’s?”

“It is because they are envious with Ye’s business, doing some despicable things at our back and even taking some of our customer.”

“They really vile person.” Long Mo Er is angry said: “How can there is such despicable person!”

“Mei Mei, business an equal to battlefield! Lock in constant strife, malicious libel. Simple to say it can’t be prevented!”

“How about to expose them!”

“ha ha ha, Mei Mei you are so naïve, human is vicious self! That isn’t thing we can do about it since we couldn’t provide the evidence.”

Chapter 14 Heart Beat when Meet

How could my world being in such chaos and confusion?

Every time that easy going and modest of her, those happiness, freedom, easy and comfortable, peaceful life, does it only on the surface? Vicious people? Is it true? Does it really alike what big sister in law said? Or only Father and Mother who are always showing me all the beauty of life?

How could it be like that?

“Peng!” Long Mo Er’s body bumped into the warm wall, losing her balance then fall down.

Another second, a strong and well build figure hold on her waist, supported her body.

“Could you be careful when you are walking?” a familiar voice spoke on Long Mo Er’s ear.

She lifted her head up, looked into that charming eyes, again those memories being recalled out from her mind. She panicking pushed Ye Che, stepped back couple steps, bumped into Lu Qun’s body.

“Miss, are you okay?” Lu Qun with her hands supported Long Mo Er.

“Ng.” Long Mo Er didn’t dare to look at Ye Che, her eyes looks at anywhere only to avoid Ye Che’s eyes, for once again her heart beat so fast as if it going to jump up, she grabbed tight her waist clothes.

Why every time after she spoke with big sister in law, at the other moment he would show up? What should I said?

“I am really curious, every time you meet me, you always that nervous and panic? Am I really that scary?” finally Ye Che spoke out his perplex. Last time, she is also showing this kind of panicking expression.

Long Mo Er tried to lift her head and said : “I am not… scared.” After she realized the intense gazed of Ye Che, her words doesn’t have any persuasiveness.

“Is it?” Ye Che not really believe on her.

“Yes, yes ah.” Long Mo Er nodding her head, still not forgetting to avoid Ye Che’s vision line.

“Whatever, I still have things to do, don’t have time to company chatting with you.” Ye Che won’t think to matter it more.

“Are you planning to go out?” Long Mo Er asked, forgetting herself that she is avoiding him, straightly asking Ye Che, thinking what Big sister in law said before, she really want to know what is going on with Ye’s family business?

“This past two days the business not really good. I am going to fetch some items, and then I still need to go back to store.” Ye Che gave real answered. He turned his body to walk out.

“Can I go with you to the store?” Long Mo Er question makes Ye Che to pause his steps.

She just wants to know whether she could help or not, she also understand that he might not agree.

“Do you want to go with me?”Ye Che thought that he heard wrong.

“Yes, I heard from big sister in law, these days the business of the Ye’s family not really good. That’s why I think to give a help.” His expression seems not really believe, letting Long Mo Er not really happy, knowing that he will refuse, but still she burst out what she wants to do.

“Do you know how to trade? Do you think that the Ye’s business is something that you can give a hand?” she wants to help? She really too naïve!

“I might not understand about business, or ever get in touch or engage to such things, but still I want to go and see.” Long Mo Er voice become softer and softer, he was right. Everything she doesn’t know, she really can’t help anything, thus even she goes, still she can’t help?

“Well, you and I, together we go!” Ye Che didn’t understand which nerve that wrong with him, he just agreed.

Hearing that unexpected agreement, Long Mo Er stuffed.

“You are allowed to go but remember you should quiet and calm on my side, not allowing to disturb others working.” After Ye Che finished, he walked out.

“Miss, move faster, The Third Young Master has been walking out already.” Lu Qun pushed dumbfounded Long Mo Er. Not stopping shook her head, Miss really Miss, she even dares to beg Third Young Master.

“Oh!” finally Long Mo Er able to response, suddenly hurried to chase till outside.


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  1. I still haven’t finished the general novel and only read the first chapter you posted of this novel as well. But I am trying to catch up slowly. I would like to wish you a “Happy Birthday” I hope the day is beautiful and shinning for you. Have a wonderful day with your family and close friends.

    1. Thank you for the wishes ❤
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