Book : Chicken Soup For The soul – Think Positive

Indonesian Copy
Indonesian Copy

Motivational and inspirational book as birthday gift.

Got book as birthday present isn’t my first time. when I was small, my mom likes to buy me bunches story and fairytale books such as Cinderella, beauty and the beast, snow white and seven dwarfs, Kaguya Princess, etc and gave me as birthday gift.

But as I grow older, I don’t receive any books. most of time, I purchased it by myself and tend to be picky since I have limited budget (Mom not support my financial anymore LOL ). So, I kind of surprised for my latest birthday, Mom gave me book as birthday gift. Chicken soup for the soul – Think Positive : 101 inspirational stories about counting your blessings and having a positive attitude.

Chicken soup series is one of the best selling book in the world. it not hard to purchase, every book store has the copies. I myself have three Chicken Soup books, included this new one.

Life is weird, Life is unpredicted, Life is surprises, Life…
When I feel being down, many negatives thinking is appearing, I just not prepare myself to face the fear of failing. Sometimes human is strange in such way, they might think happiness come when they become rich, become success, has higher status in social, etc. Which most of time, ignoring what they have in front their eyes.

I learn many thing through people experiences in this book, learning about even simple things might call as blessing.
Enough never enough, then there won’t have a day call happiness.

Quotes that I like from the book:
Choices – Everywhere is heaven, the place is up to you.
My reason like this quote, people tend to complain included me about everything and whining as if we are in Hell. We tend to see the weakness then not the strength. Not to mention other people, when I was child, I like to say to my parent why don’t we move from Indonesia because I feel this country not as part of me even I grow up in here. But, as time passes, I understand living in other place might not guarantee to have better life. What I need to do just dealing and facing what is in front of me. I don’t need to hide or avoid it, just bravely face it. Once I comfort with it, then there is my heaven.

Counting our blessing – why don’t we try to enjoy small thing, it countless.
Enough never enough, human always think there is never enough for something. As the name to find happiness, human tend to think, it never enough, I still want more and more, seeking more things and make excuses that I do all those only to find happiness. but, again what kind of happiness that make us doing endless seeking, endless exploring?
I want to have better job with higher payment so I could buy bigger house, but how big the house I want to buy and what kind of job with how much payment, considering enough? why don’t satisfied with smaller house, enjoy every moment with our dears. even having dinner with complete family member and eat simple dishes may count as blessing, still some people never consider about it.

The Power of Illusion – Nothing right, it’s only perception.
When I have much money then I will happy.
When I have high position in my company then I will surely success.
If you have this kind of thought it means you are in illusion. no one can prove having much money it will guarantee happiness or having higher position means success.

Happiness is come from heart which filled with “Enough”, “Grateful”, “Blessing”, etc.
Success is not measure from how high someone status or position in social but success for me, how people enjoy his/her life, living to the fullest with no regret.

This book could give you new perception about life and being positive when facing every problems. Of course, you still need to put your effort and change your mind set to view world and matters in other way.


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