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Clean Eating : Red Spinach Mixed Fruit and vege Salads


I am gaining weight like crazy after Christmas and New Year.

Even I am not Christian but still I like to join friends or my relatives who are Christian. I like Christmas atmosphere and also the peaceful during Christmas eve in my place.

I was starting my balance diet after New Year. As someone not really can cook, I prefer easy but healthy food to make, so Salads become one of the options since it really easy to make and it healthy. all the ingredients are mainly vegetable and fruit mixed this and that plus different dressing give myself many option in enjoying salads.

Recently I like to combine vegetable and fruit with different dressing which I made by myself. One of my favorite low calorie salad is Red Spinach mixed with fruit and vege and Banana dressing.

Well, it sound little bit weird but for me it taste good and healthy.

Usually red spinach kind rare to find in my place but recently it real easy to spot in traditional market and grocery even the price little bit higher than the normal green spinach. Red spinach is rich vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron and other essential mineral.

Making this salad is so easy, all the ingredients are mixed together with the dressing and put in refrigerator for 15 minutes before serving.

The key is on the dressing because I don’t put any mayonnaise or yogurt as the ingredient for dressing.

Dressing ingredients and how to make:
Banana 3 pcs medium size (200gr)
Lemon juice 1 full spoon
Olive oil + mint leaf (chopped rough )
apple or pear (200gr)
Parsley (optional)
blend all the ingredient till the texture smooth.


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