Review : Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack


Another product from Secret Key.
Secret Key snow white milky pack is also contained niacinamide, it design for make whitener, brightening the skin (well, most of Asian like being white and “the white” definition could as white as ghost, scary LOLs)

This product is used for whitening the entire body except face and sensitive areas.

Product description (based on packaging box):
Just Apply and wash out and whitening pack will brighten your complexion. it’s quick absorption will not make it rub off  on clothes, and it’s smooth texture will make application very easy .
whitening agents niacinamide will multiply the whitening effects. it will provide moisture to keep skin soft and relieved irritated skin. your skin will look most natural and brilliant, making you look more beautiful. your skin will look and feel brighter with continued use.

My Review / Result
Texture, this product has thick creamy texture with super white cream color. Even it creamy, it doesn’t stick but absorb fast. The scent similar to baby product but not last long when applied to skin.
The packaging is not attractive and the bottle seems to be made from low quality plastic bottle.

I used the product about three weeks in my body and I quite surprised with it first application. I was tried onto my left arm in first trial and after application, I could see the difference between my right arm (without any cream) and the left arm (use milky pack). Super white which little scared me.

Luckily the result not permanent at the first trial because after you wash it out with water, my skin came back to the initial.

When it about two weeks, the result shown better for those has darker skin while for the people who has white skin tone, you won’t feel too much differences (based on my sis and I who tried it together).

Personally, I won’t recommend too much product which contain niacinamide, using in long term. As for review purpose, this secret white milky pack will be the last product I reviewed from snow white series and I won’t make any repurchased on this product. My reason is so simple, I don’t need too much whitening product to used for my skin because I have satisfied with my skin tone (currently).


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