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There Is No such Thing Called as Miniature Dogs

Little Aillen, a Mongrel

Little Crystal, Pure breed Shih Tzu
Little Crystal, Pure breed Shih Tzu

Five years ago when I went to breeder and got my little Crystal, My first initiate was getting Pomeranian breed which fame to be called as MiniPom in my place. I was lacking of information about dog and breeding. My interest to get MiniPom or teacup size when I saw someone petting little Pom and able to put it into small place and I thought if I got one, perhaps I could bring mine everywhere without leaving it at home.

Out of my unknown and less information, I thought teacup or smaller size dog breed was “special” ones, since the price of tea cup breed extremely expensive, four times than usually price of standard size or normal breed size.

Later on, after I have my little Shih Tzu, crystal, I met lots of dog-lovers and get myself into community. I learn many new things from those people. They told me there are no such breed called as miniature or tea cup size breed.

I felt more ashamed when they told me about the truth of miniature breed which so cruel did by human being. I almost become one of “those” bad people because wanting teacup size breed.

So let’s me share the information:
As I mentioned there are no such breed of dog called as miniature or tea cup size in the world, terms of teacup just for marketing purpose and some misinterpret or purposely mislead others as “special”.

Even there is really breed of dog that size smaller than it standard, it has reason why that little puppy come in smaller size. This things happen because the dog fall to achieve standard weight scale which later on used by the breeders, pet shops, purposely misleading people for marketing purposed by saying this is one of new size breed or how special to have teacup size breed.

The puppies which born premature are tend to have smaller size and beside size, those puppies also have others health issue which makes their body even more fragile.

I still remembered very clear when I got Crystal, I was asked which types and size of breed I choose that time. I told the breeder I wanted MiniPom but they didn’t have any that time but offered me Shih Tzu breed. I said, is it teacup because I am looking for small size (that time I really don’t know).

They said they didn’t have any teacup size but standard size, They showed me a female Shih Tzu which being there alone because her siblings were sold since most of people like male than female (PMS problems they said). I still wanted Pom but at the time, but right after I saw that female Shih Tzu, I felt in love. Yes, she is Crystal my little baby girl.

Once I ever asked : “If you want to have teacup, perhaps you should need sometime”. I said, no need because my heart was stole by Crystal and I brought her to home. When I was told about miniature or teacup size breed, I relieved not become part of those people.

I still need to inform those who “unknown” or less information just alike me before, please don’t buy any teacup size breed because breed that under standard size very often to have underdeveloped organs, diabetes, thyroid problems and more. moreover, anyone who buys one of tea cup breed puppies means giving helping hand to unethical breeders to abuse those pity doggies.

“In your Life there won’t be one dog, but for your dog, you are their entire life. In this world there no such bad dog, only existed bad master.”

Dog is man best friend and it true. People, friends, family even world might leave you and cheat on you but your dog will stay by your side, no matter what you become, no matter who you are, wherever you go, it follows you.


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