Review : Holika Holika Aloe 99% Soothing Gel


It really been sometime…

Recently busying myself to do translation project, even I said about balancing my posting but I just addicted to do the translation project 😛

Ah~ please don’t complain on me O,O”

Product description:
Holika Holika 99% soothing gel is a lightweight body moisturizer with aloe vera extract. the soothing gel helps to relive irritated and stressed skin from the harmful environment factors and dehydration. it’s gel type formula penetrates deep within the skin but does leave skin feeling greasy or sticky. Great for all skin types!

What so good about Holika Holika compares to Nature Republic?
I think I had heard it recently about others brand that sell Aloe Gel compare with Nature Republic aloe gel. One of the korean brand is Holika Holika.
For me, holika holika still better compare to nature republic since holika holika doesn’t contain any alcohol (free-alcohol), it also suitable for sensitive skin and no parabens. That’s from the ingredients aspect.

About the textures, Holika holika is more watery compare to nature republic.
The packaging, I like holika holika better because it much sterile since it come packaging in bottle container while nature republic is Jar type.
For the smell, I don’t have problems with both of the product.
Holika holika aloe vera gel is absorb faster than nature republic and both brand non-greasy and not sticky.

Price, Holika holika more expensive compare to nature republic and also the size smaller.

Holika holika 250ml IDR 115,000
Nature republic 300ml IDR 100,000


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