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Chinese things : Little Secret About Jade

Jade is one of the well-known accessories and jewelery wore by the ancient China Royalty. Jade is not only symbol of wealth or status or power for the Chinese but also Chinese people belief Jade has power to heal and protect the owner.

The changing color of Jade also can be an indicator whether the owner in good or bad. Jade is one of the hardest stone to break so that if someone wear Jade and unexpectedly it broke, the Chinese belief that something bad would happen.

I have my own Jade since I was kid and as well my siblings, my parent gave and asked their children to wear Jade for protection and health. Just alike my Chinese parent, I really believe that Jade can give protection and also increase health of the owner. I wore my first Jade which necklace when I was about 6 or 7. I have been wearing my Jade necklace all the time, never leave it, even when I was taking bath. Well, as kid, I was extremely active and little naughty so one day during my way to go home from school, I was running in the street and suddenly hit by motorcycle. To be honest I really not remembered the detail, what I knew, I bounced about 1-2 meters after bumping to the motorcycle, perhaps.

strange and weird, I didn’t have any serious wound. I got scratch little bit in my knees and bruise in my hands, I cried so loud not because I was hurt but feared to be scolded by my parent because I broke the Jade necklace into two pieces =.=”

You free to believe or not about “Miracle” of Jade functions.

Here examples of Jade jewelery or accessories often used

natural-jade-bangle-jade-bracelet-jade-jewelry-jade-necklace-61904This type of bangle Jade bracelet are mostly used by the elders such as Ahjummas or Grannies who aged above 50 years old.


Green-Beads-font-b-Bracelet-b-font-Natural-font-b-Jade-b-font-font-b-BraceletsWhile Bead jade mostly used for the praying or ritual.

img-thingThis is typical Jade Necklace mostly wear by Chinese in here. Jade pendant with red strand of thread. It rare to see the Jade pendant with metal chain such as gold or silver.



One thought on “Chinese things : Little Secret About Jade

  1. Hi

    When I was a little girl, my dad’s mom had a dark jade bracelet too. She told dad when she die she gave her permission for dad to break the bracelet to three oarts. My dad has three daughters you see. My dad got the hint and he got mom’s older brother who owned a jewellery shop to make something out of those three broken pieces of jade. Uncle transformed three broken pieces of jade into three shapes of eggplant pendant with a piece of gold attached at one end so that we can looped it with cold chain instead of, red string as the way our grandma wanted.

    At that time I had no idea what was the significant of it only when I grew up. Mom told me that grandma had nothing to leave for the son and daughter-in-law who took her in while she was old and sick because whatever she had her only child and daughter took it all before she die. You my dad was not hers, my dad was her husband’s son from the first wife. She treasured that jade bracelet of hers the most because it was a wedding gift from granddad. She rather give it to mom instead of, her daughter who was never there for her. So it kind of like an inheritance for mom’s three daughters.

    Personally myself don’t really care for any pieces of jewelleries either they are jade or gold. The only jewelleries on my being are my wedding gold band and Swatch watch.

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