Review : Secret Key Snow White Moisture Cream

Medan Polonia-20150320-02016

I got Secret Key Snow White moisture cream and Secret Key STE cream with very good bargain price last time. But today, I just doing the review for Snow White Moisture which I have used about sometimes.

Product Description (Beauty net):

My Review/result on me:

Product texture sticky but not greasy, It took sometime to absorb in skin.
It has nice scent very different from the others Snow White Cream. The cream more alike gel based compare to another one which creamy with milky color.

This product not suitable for those who has oily skin because it would make skin oilier during the day. for the drier skin it work best as day to day moisturizer.

About whitening effect, my skin tone does not improve so this product not works well for me.


2 thoughts on “Review : Secret Key Snow White Moisture Cream

  1. Short and succinct review, I liked it. I always wonder if whitening creams and moisturisers on the shelves claim to actually do what they say. My mum uses whitening cream and her complexion is fair…but I don’t know if it’s because of that since she stays out of the sun all the time. I don’t usually buy these creams as they are very expensive and I need to eat!

    1. Korean skin care and make up product are cheaper compare to westerners drug store product such as L’oreal.
      In my opinion, not all the products are work as they claimed until you make your own tried.
      Little tips, purchased online and when it offers free shipping also at sale, promotion, or disc price.
      I got best deal when purchased secret key, buy 2 free 1 plus free shipping.

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