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Beauty & Health : Detoxifying by consuming particular food

Detoxification is the practice to clean or get rid toxin (harmful things) from body.

For these years, there are lots of people who promote healthy life style, eating organic food, balanced-diet, detoxification, etc. Others than diet, loss-weight and healthy life style, detoxification is one of hot topic for now days. when people talking about health, then detoxification or detoxifying come across to the mind.

Hence come the pro and contra about, do our body need to consume particular food in order to get rid toxin from body?
The dieters or those who practice healthy life style (or the proposed) believe that by consuming particular food,  it will boosting and help the body to detox all the toxin out from the body. Best recommend so far is Lemon beside eating fresh vege and others fruit.

Here I share about dietary detox that gets the lime-light from the proposed. dietary detox is the process of cleanse the body by cutting or eliminate some food and consume particular food. When doing dietary detox, there are certain food that need to avoid such as sugar, salt, caffeine, alcohol for some period of time and being suggested to eat fresh fruit and vege plus drink more mineral water to avoid dehydration.

Other benefit doing this detoxification by those who proposed is losing some weight, beautiful and glow skin plus look younger than actual age. detoxification also help to improve digestion, boosting the level of energy and metabolism.

since we are offered to the bunches benefits by doing detox, this stuff, but the medical experts are said others way which makes detoxification come to contra. The experts said our body has already own best system that able to detox and get rid all the harmful and also toxin in our body such as Liver, Kidney, lungs, skin, blood, etc. so consuming particular food or drink just not necessary.

My point of view
God created human body so perfect, creating amazing detox system in our body so we not really need to do such expensive detoxification. We just need to maintain our body-good by eating healthier food (organic and fresh fruit and vege), avoid consuming lots of sugar, salt, alcohol, smoking, caffeine, etc but still you may enjoy these stuffs occasionally as personal treat.

My suggest:
There is nothing wrong by consuming infused water (lemon, cucumber, strawberry, or others fruit highly recommended), boiled vege, etc. because personally, I also love to eat those food even never thought the detoxing aspects (most of time for my diet and reduce some weights)
BUT, I never suggest to take pills or products to detox body since we never know those things will help or just worsen our body. Nature has already provided us with best things so rather than spend much money to buy such “gaje” products, why don’t change eat pattern by eating organic and real food, no matter for detox purpose or just to maintain our healthy body.


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