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Review : Satinique Complete set for Hair Loss


Months ago, I have introduced Satinique Hair loss treatment which is one of Amway products. Finally I made the review for these complete set. I have finished one bottle of the shampoo.

To say, I haven’t find any “real” reviewed about this product by blogger so I was lacking many information when purchased the products. All information just raw given by my friend who is member of Amway.

I won’t put any formalities information since I had posted it before in product introduction. Before I go for my verdict, let me describe little bit about my hair condition. I have severely hair loss which lead me to boldness (I not exaggerating, I honest to admit how terrible my hair condition for this years)

My Verdict:
I used shampoo every day because my hair extremely oily so I never skipped washing my hair even one day because it will turn be greasy and awful. After shampooing I will wash clean and towel my damp hair and then put conditioners and wait for 5-10 minutes and rinse it. for the scalp tonic I used it once every two days after washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner.

My hair tend be very oily in scalp but so dried in middle to end of hair.
When I used satinique complete set, my hair not really oily anymore but this product also could not stop my hair from loss. It just volume my hair little bit.

To be honest, I have high expectation when decided buying the products (also reading many positive testimonial from others who tried the product before, even it was testimony which I got from the members who sell the products)  since I near hopeless to cure my hair loss. but still I feel very disappointed since the price really expensive for small bottle shampoo + conditioner + scalp tonic while the result not as great as the price.

I don’t have problem with the scent even my sis said it smells disgusting as if the hair perm smell.

Don’t have second thought to repurchased, perhaps I just stick by trying others drug store shampoo products which much cheaper while saving sum amount of money then make visit to dermatologist in Singapore or Korea.

Note : This review is based on my experienced, I don’t have any intention to spread negative things about the product or what, all just pure to my experienced and result for about three months using the products.

Please free to drop any comment in here 🙂


3 thoughts on “Review : Satinique Complete set for Hair Loss

  1. I have to say this is also a problem for me. I always had very thick hair and for a year now i’ve been losing alot of hair. The problem is I want to get my hair how it used to be, thick and nice.I’ve been searching alot on the internet, and I just thought i should change my diet. From what i’ve read, hair loss can be caused from lack of protein that you get from certain foods. I haven’t tried changing my diet, but i think i should try it. It said lack of zinc can case hair loss.
    I also have your problem with dry ends, but my hair is very long, since i started growing it. So i’m thinking this might be the problem for dry hair. I just bought argan oil to solve this.

    I’m really interested in this topic, hope you will share your future experiences about it.

    1. For me, food never really helps. I did some diet and had changed many types of eating pattern.
      Some said eating beans especially mug beans or sprouts are good for hair but, nothing much changed for me.
      I tried many serums, shampoos and treatment in salon but all those things waste for me.
      When I tried aloevera, it worked at beginning but after I stopped, the result also gone.
      I heard lots about argan oil, usually it used to moisturize and hydrating but not state to prevent or stop hair loss.

      1. Yes, the oil won’t stop hair loss, but it helps alot dry hair and makes it easy to detangle.

        Sometimes i wish I took more care for my hair in the past.

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