Review : Etude Moistfull Super Collagen 63%

collagenI don’t own the picture

I back to my track in reviewing skin care product.

This also one of good way to forget how stress and pressure my working life in moment. so, today I made review of Etude House moistfull super collage 63% which is not so new product from Etude House and last time product which I purchased.

Well, let’s forget all those stressful stuff and move to the review.

Product Description:
Moistfull super collagen 63% cream is cream that contain 63% super collagen (hydrolyzed collagen) for smooth and elastic skin.

I am not sure why I purchased this cream before and crazy things, I bought two of it. Sometimes, I kind blank when purchasing things or just am I too impulsive in purchase thing?

Texture, this cream extremely creamy and thick, not really stick but also not absorb fast. to say, this is not type of my fav cream to use daily or even in my skincare routine.
It smells nice but alike others Etude collagen range products. The packaging very simple small jar contain 60ml cream which is consider more than enough for months to finish one jar.

Since this product is focus to make skin smoother and elastic, I barely can’t say much about this product. there won’t be any whitening effect or healing effect for acne or others skin problems so I think this product might suitable to those who is having terrible dry skin.

I am not recommend this product for those who has oily or acne face since it will make your skin greasy and produce more oil and worsen the acne. As for me, I dislike this product so much beside I don’t feel there is any improvement with my skin and I hate how sticky and greasy my skin after I applied the cream.

I have used for while, not satisfied and I gave it to my mom who I think need more collagen more than I am.


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