Book : Free From Stress – Wayne Froggatt

Thanks for all the support, advice and positive comment.

I feel much better these days. Thing still hard but I learned to be more patience and persistent, Trying to accept my situation with more positive thought, I am still able to endure the hardship.

Days ago when I was so stress to depress state, I went to library and read something at least to relax myself little bit. I found book called, free from stress.

I gained many things after read that book and I feel much better now, because I understand little bit about my pressured, worries, and stress moreover I decided to face it rather than avoid the matter.

Today my trainer gave me triple times more works than usually. To be honest, during that time I really wants to scream and cry because I have just done with my work, at least please give me a break little bit and then continue with new ones. I have skipped my lunch three days in row because I should finish the work in time (since she had set the dateline for every work she gave to me)

But, I realized crying won’t solve my matters, complaining won’t lighter my work load so, I could only endure and try to finish it on time.

Title          : Free From Stress

Author      : Wayne Froggatt

Genre        : Self-improvement, self-help, psychology

About book (lil bit)
This book is described detail things about stress, worries, depressing and others negative mental state. Everything is come from mind set! Fear, worries, panic are actually created by mind. Mostly human are feel trouble before the real matter coming.

Panic is something so normal in life, everyone experienced it. but there are time, panic and worry could be uncontrolled for some people. when it becomes trouble, we need to seek for help or trying to find a way to solve it. Free from stress is showed people how to handle and manage their worries, panics and fears so those things won’t affect much in our life.

I will introduce others book which I read (when I was really at loss, blank…)


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