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C-novel : Being Love Exclusively by You (被你独占的爱) 8

Being love exclusively by you is almost done 85%. I hope to finished it within one month. Since the Epilogue is so short, I think to put side story about Han Yue Yi early marriage life with Feng Xiao Ling, but the side story isn’t done by the original writer.

It will be more alike fan-made-story.

Proofreading by Rowanmdm

Chapter 8

Part 1

“Are…you really, seriously want to date me?” The girl sounded incredulous.

“Seriously.” The man gave an affirmative answer.

“But, why do you want to date me? You can have others-beautiful woman who have a good body shape…ugh… as dating partner. I think, there are lots of women out there who want to be your girl friend.”

“But the person who I want to touch and kiss is you.”

“Hag?!” suddenly the girl’s face turned pinkish.

“If we are dating, doing this kind of things doesn’t matter.”

“But…if, if you are not in love with me, you are not allowed to do such a thing to me.”

“I love you.” His face showed no trace of hesitation, “Love you so much!”

“Ah?” She was surprised and her eyes widened.

Well, after that everything looks as if it is so natural and normal, she—Feng Xiao Ling and Han Yue Yi are officially dating.

And the next day, when she finally came to company, everyone looked so grateful.

“Xiao Ling, finally you are coming back to work!”

“You don’t know, for these few days Han Yue Yi’s face was dark and looked so scary.”

“Don’t mention about composing a new song, even the shooting for the MV absolutely stopped.”

“Of all the people in company, there is no one able to stand the atmosphere.”

From the highest management of the company to the lowest level cleaning service Ahjummas, all of them are coming to tell and complain to her.

“Xiao Ling, please come here.” Hua Jie, the secretary of the company, called her while one hand grabbed her hand, Hua Jie pulled her out from the crowd.

“Hua Jie, where are we going?”

“We are heading to the Director’s room.”

“Why are we going there?”

“To extinguish the fire, or else it would take other people’s lives.”

People’s lives? Isn’t this too exaggerated?

But after Feng Xiao Ling arrived in front of the Director’s room she realized it is not even a little exaggerated.

Two men with height more than 180cm stood face to face: Han Yue Yi with a cold expression while Qi Yue had a frowning brow, an expression of anger such as the volcano that is ready to erupt.

“Impossible to do what you have said before; I won’t agree with it. I only shoot the MV that I am satisfied with, and the previous MV which I shot was absolutely satisfying, so I will not agree to change any details in it.” Qi Yue raised his voice.

“Well,” Han Yue Yi lifted his finger, “as long as the tape is broken, we can re-shoot it again.”


“Can you give me the tape? Or else I can’t guarantee your safety.”

“Han Yue Yi, are you trying to threaten me?” Director Qi Yue yelled. Han Yue Yi tilted his head to side, coldly laughing, “Well, just think as if I am threatening you.”

This kind of cold laugh, and also the speaking tone of the other party, Qi Yue shivered uncomfortably, “You listen-even if I die, I won’t agree to cut the kissing scene.”

“Kissing scene?” Feng Xiao Ling turned to look at Hua Jie.

“Well, the matter is, this morning Mr. Han suddenly said that he wanted to cut the kissing scene, but Director Qi Yue disagreed so both of them are still in conflict.”

“So as long as the tape is broken, the MV can re-shoot again.”

A very simple sentence, but the atmosphere turned chilly inside the Director’s room.

“You, are you kidding me?” Qi Yue stammered.

“I never have been kidding before.” His expression, his body radiating an aura of determination- he is really serious.

This man, what exactly is inside his brain?

“Re-shoot? Do you know how much time and money we would spend? Moreover, there will be scheduling problems.” Qi Yue howled.

“I don’t know and I don’t want to know.” Han Yue Yi said without any care, “Give me the tape.”


“Well, how about if I beat you half to death, perhaps you will give me the tape, wouldn’t you? “Normally when people are under fear or pressure, they are easier to deal with!”  He clearly said.

“Don’t, don’t be like this!” a pair of hands hugged Han Yue Yi’s waist from behind, Feng Xiao Ling rushed toward him.

“Ling?” All of Han Yue Yi’s gestures stopped, the initially cold and killing aura suddenly disappeared.

“You cannot hit the Director!” She said seriously.

“Oh.” He turned around and faced her.

“Moreover, Director is good person; you should not act like this to Director.”

“Alright, I understand.”

“Do you really understood?”

“Yes.” His facial expression changed to be warm and also had the slightest smile.

Feng Xiao Ling stared blankly at this man in front of her who showed the angel smile, afraid of being found out, she panicked and loosened up her hands, “Just now my speaking tone, is it too much?”

“No.” his face grew even softer and warmer.

Director Qi Yue and Hua Jie were dumbstruck standing beside them. This person who smiled so nice and warm, who was he? And also the person who was radiating a killing aura, is he still the same person?

“That kissing scene, wasn’t it shot well? Why are you so persistent to cut it?” Feng Xiao Ling asked.

“Don’t you hate if I kiss other people?”“It’s true that I hate it, but if the kiss scene were cut…” she glanced to the Director who showed a little nerves, “it seems to be wasteful.” Although she really hates that scene, she should admit the director shot it beautifully, moreover that scene really explained the song’s meaning.

If the reason was only because of her, the hard work of all those people and also the director would be wasted, and she will really feel guilty.

“If you feel it is such a pity, the scene does not need to be cut.” Han Yue Yi gently caressed Feng Xiao Ling’s forehead.  “I promise you, this matter, from now on I will only do it to you.”

“Well, it seems the problem is solved.” Hua Jie turned to Director Qi Yue.

“…it seems so.”

This crazy man, his only weakness is this girl.

The beautiful music, combining with the lyric and the beautiful MV, it is easy to make people intoxicated, moreover this is the second time of Han Yue Yi who shoot the MV, so it even attracted more people.

At the first three days when the MV of Sheng Yin available, it really become huge buzz in streets. The target market is women between the age of 18-30 years old, all that age range are crazily with it.

For a single MV, having such good result was rare things to happen, but due to reason, only one person who could make it happen—- Han Yue Yi.

No matter whether he composed the song or he took the role of the angel, he is able to captivate the audience who sees the MV, and the heroine in the MV ease to be forgotten.


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  1. the Devil Han Yue Yi act like little puppy in front of Feng Xiao Ling in this chapter…… kawaii…..

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