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Beverage : Chococino


I do need chocolate drink to boost my mood. At least little bit sweet-tooth beverage for my gloomy day.

I am waiting the HR department to reply my resignation letter. I never thought the process could take so long. Moreover I was so exhausted after talking with the Head of my department, the supervisor, the trainer and also seniors, so having a cup of Chococino perhaps would cheers me little bit 🙂
Ah~ it was tough week.

Well, let move to the topic.

Yesterday, I bought a box of Chococino to pamper myself. It has been while I don’t drink any beverage contain chocolate. After I joined the company, my daily beverage mostly are the bitter black coffee and green tea.

Chococino is product of Indocafe, one of biggest company in Indonesia which sell instant beverage such as instant Coffee and Tea with various flavor. The most well-know product they sell is Coffeemix 3in1, cappuccino, Maxtea.

For my personal preference, I don’t really like their instant coffee. It just taste….

Chococino is chocolate beverage which similar to chocolate milk for me. it has good smell and taste not too sweat, at least for someone who not really like sugar, this perhaps suitable beverage to give try.

The texture creamy and it taste more delicious when hot rather than cold.

Price : IDR 18,000 ($1.20)



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