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Raising Star, The Fighting Boys

tf boys

When it comes to music, I am easy listener as long as the song able to capture my heart then I able to listen the song over and over again for long time. My playlist always up dated since I believe Music has huge influence to boost mood.

Currently I added so many new songs into my play list. TF-Boys is one of my current favorite teenager boy band. they are young but talented.

Here I share some videos of TF-Boys (Those pictures and videos are credited to the owner, I don’t own any of them)

宠爱 Chong Ai  (Adore) is one of my favorite song from all the songs that sing by TF-boys. I like the MV and also it has very sweet melody, for me this song is fit to describe what is called as puppy love 🙂

幸运符号 Xin Yun Fu Hao (Lucky Symbol) is another song that has very lovely melody.


样 Yang (Young) this is perhaps one of the most controversy MV from TF-Boys because the MV similar with EXO’s miracles in december.




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