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Review : Secret Key Super Plumping Jelly


Another Secret Key product to be reviewed. I have purchased it months ago and used it for almost one month. This product quite unique from others which I ever tried before.

Product description
As I mentioned this product little bit unique because of it textures jelly-gel type, so that you need to scope it with spatula rather than using bare hand to apply the product. the gel is transparent pink color.

Product promise
To brighten uneven skin tone, firming and help to supple the skin, moisturizes skin.

My Verdict
I don’t like the product texture because it not convenient for me to apply onto my face. takes long time to absorb into my skin, sticky. It has good smell but not last long. The pink color of the gel not stain to face but blend very well. I feel my face little bit firm and moisturized, it makes my face oily and acne.

This product may suitable for those who have dry skin and fit to use in winter season because it will make face super oily for summer time even for normal to dry skin type (my sis also tried it)



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