Review : Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

Picture Credit to Google
Picture Credit to Google

Hah! Finally I back to review some product. I have eyeing this Laneige Water Sleeping Pack after the product launched not long ago. Well, my experience using the previous series not really satisfied, perhaps this high moisturized skin product not really suitable to use in tropical country like Indonesia. Again, the new series is the improvement ones.

I just someone who like to try “new” things so that I decided to purchase mine after long thought XD XD XD

I got good deal from purchasing this product three months ago before the IDR exchange rate hit to bottom.

BeautyPlus_20151012165410_saveThis is mine real picture, sorry for the bad quality photo >.<“

Product Description:
It said that this product is coming with the newest technology improvement that able to moisturized, rehydrated, revitalised, and makes your skin as good as it would have been had you gotten the full 8 hours of sleep. Plus, the Sleep Scent technology helps you get a good night’s sleep (even you sleep less than 8 hours just like I usually get)

It almost same with the previous ones but the new version come in frosted-blue jar that not really sturdy like the before one. I mean it good to have new design jar but I just dislike “It looks alike cheap thin plastic jar” every time I touch the product. I still like the previous ones.

Textures and  Scent:
To be honest, I don’t think the scent and texture are much different compare to last time because it just same smell and also gel-type. But the only huge different between the EX and this one, it absorb very well in my skin, It does not make my face oily and not sticky.

I love it except for the packaging. everything is good of this newest version. I have used it for sometime and I feel it really improve my skin during the night time. Especially for someone like me who sleep less than 8 hours everyday.


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