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Food : Having Lunch in Riceville


I rare to go out far away for lunch during the working hour. because I don’t have much time for lunch and also there will be always traffic during lunch time so very inconvenient.

But today is exception because I have more time to enjoy my lunch. I have decided to lunch at Multatuli, one of Business Area in Medan. There are lots of cafe, restaurant, even Warkop (street stall) in this area, they are open from morning until night, from Monday to Sunday, 24/7.

I stopped at Riceville because the place is cozy and quiet. There are not lot of visitor today.

Fried Rice with olive oil and sea food + Avocado juice, this is my lunch.

I will start with the fried rice with olive oil and sea food (pict on above)
The fried rice worth to put into my favorite food list because it taste so good. I like the balance of the seasoning and also the fragrant of the food. The sea food also fresh. everything is okay for the fried rice but not the sambel (chili sauce). I don’t think the sour sambel suitable to eat with the fried rice moreover the sambel taste awful for me. I think it because too much vinegar.

I don’t have special comment for the avocado juice because it just same with others (avocado + chocolate milk), the texture is rich and okay.

About price
I will say one portion of fried rice quite pricey after additional taxes (the value tax + service charge), it cost about IDR 40,000 something, but still partly average with lunch in shopping center or mall.

The place
Personally I like the place because it almost empty or no many people coming (which I think not good for the business side). The food not bad especially for the Indonesian food. The service is so so. the wifi takes long time even to log in my blog.

The promotion:
This place offered 5-15% discount for promoting their food in social media. I got 15% discount after asking my friend to post the picture on her social media accounts such on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Path and tumbler.



19 thoughts on “Food : Having Lunch in Riceville

      1. if it got some onions inside, then it is. if not, well. . .
        depend on the location the food it self sold. I mean, maybe it’s one of their food culture in the area. who knows.

      2. perhaps…
        The sambal itself quite simple because the ingredients so minimalist. there also no onions like the others sambal.
        Usually Indonesian Sambal always have garlic, onions because those ingredient usually quite strong and give rich flavor.

    1. It is extremely common in Indonesia especially Medan city.
      most of time they served avocado juice with chocolate milk (mixed) but sometimes they also add one scope of ice cream as topping

      1. Yeap first time I’ve heard of such pairing. Never tried avacado and chocolate milk. I assume it’s smooth and chocolate with a hint of avacado flavour.

    2. Usually the milk used is chocolate flavoured condensed milk. It is very sweet with a bit bitter taste from chocolate and mild taste from avocado. There is many restaurant in Indonesia served it like that.

      This is my first comment on this site. I just searching a good translated chinese novel and found you. Thank you azurro4cielo! ^^

      Btw, are you from Medan? Lucky u, I love the food there. It has many delicious food. Haven’t go to there for many years..

      1. Hi there 🙂
        Yes usually they used condensed milk which has very thick texture but my mom loves to mix it with milk any flavor either chocolate or strawberry so that the texture little bit similar to smoothie or thicker than orange juice which more liquid.
        Yes. I come from Medan, Indonesia.
        Welcome to my blog 🙂

  1. Simple dish, yet it makes me drooling….

    As for the Sambal, I like My husband’s homemade Sambal belacan. still don’t find any other that can match his sambal…:D

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