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Dog Food : Happy Dog Supreme Sensible – Africa


Product Intro (source: website)

Complete food for all adult dogs from 11 kg with normal energy requirements. The extraordinarily tasty super premium complete food Happy Dog Africa is ideal for all demanding gourmets who are looking for something special or are simply rather picky. It is also particularly suitable for food-sensitive mid-sized and large-breed dogs with their special needs: Happy Dog Africa combines ostrich and potatoes to create a unique recipe. Ostrich is a very rare protein source, making it ideal for dogs with food intolerances. Potatoes do not contain any gluten and are recommended for animals with grain intolerances. Nutritious omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids – important for healthy skin and a shiny coat – round o ff the exclusive recipe. The croquettes are perfectly adapted for the teeth of medium and large-breed dogs.



Vice Versa

I have got my lesson from my previous purchasing. So, this time I acted more carefully before purchasing dog food for my beloved little furry fellows. Got to do “homework” before decided buying the do food. Last time, there was online Petshop who offered HAPPY DOG dog food brand. to be honest, I quite doubted with this product since the brand name really not promising and also sound too “odd”.

I have chatted with the seller for while, trying to understanding about the product and googling. To be honest, I prefer to feed my furry fellow with real food such as carrot, spinach, meat, etc which safer food in my opinion but since I quite busy person and spend my time most at my working place, dry dog food perhaps is better choices whenever I am away from home. I do only feed my furry fellows with dog food for their lunch (yeah, both Crystal and Aillen eat three times every day)

Checking the ingredient are the most important for taking a decision. I have checked the ingredients as detail as I could. The meat contained not much but somewhat this dog food is slightly better compare to my previous dog food diet science adult small and toy breed dry food (this one is recommended by my previous vet, yeah I have cut ties with the vet since he almost killed my furry fellow)

Both Crystal and Aillen love it, at least they are doing okay with BLACKWOOD absence. To be honest my Little Shih Tzu is so picky that’s why most of time I got hard times to find dog food which she likes and wants to touch. So far my little furry fellows are doing well, they want to eat the dog food.

The price is reasonable, means the price worth the quality. HAPPY DOG dog food isn’t best dog food product but it also not bad one. from one to five, I rated it as three and half stars.

So far, I have purchased it from online shop which located in Jakarta. 1kg HAPPY DOGFOOD plus shipping cost is about IDR 150,000


Note: This post isn’t sponsored and all is based of my honest opinion.


3 thoughts on “Dog Food : Happy Dog Supreme Sensible – Africa

  1. One time the pet store was giving out free samples of this cat food. My cats loved it! The ingredients seemed healthy and they couldn’t wait to eat it as fast as they could. I went back the next week to buy it, only to find out they wanted to charge nearly $30 U.S. For a 4lb bag! I love my furry babies, but not that much! I’m glad you found an affordable, yet healthy food for your dog 🐶

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