Please Don’t Make Animals as Commodity!


Last time I have made post about not letting dogs and cats straying at street. This time, my topic also related to Dogs and Cats which crazily being sale in internet and BBM broadcast.

Things are started when I read BBM broadcast from my contact. For me, the contain is quite scary, ” Puppies for sale, Shih Tzu female and male priced XXX, Mixed dogies female and male priced XXX, Poodle female and male pricedXXX, Pomeranian female and male priced XXX,etc” and then the additional information is scarier, “Every purchased of the puppies get free dog food, toys, so on. buy more than one puppies get discounted priced.”

See, I really can’t imagine how those puppies lives, To be honest, I have already pissed off with pet shop which selling animals and now irresponsible seller.

Last year, there was incident in Medan which dog get killed in petshop because being smashed by the groomer. If not because Indonesia law, the owner of that poor dog, would sue the petshop and make that pet shop shut forever. Things make me angrier was the statement from the pet shop, they willing to pay back new dog to the owner so that asking the dog lovers to make fuss because one dog died.

During that time when I read about the statement, I really wanted to mutter dirty words! How could that person so heartless to say something like that. For me, my furry babies are my family member, so how could you replaced your family member with others, that easily.

So, I have followed this seller broadcast for week and I quite sure (based on my instinct since I don’t have prove), instead of selling puppies breed by hers/himself, the seller also selling an illegal dogs too. Because today the seller offered very cheap doggies without proper document, reasoning the document is lost.

Although I have purchased Crystal through breeder but I still encouraging people to do adoption. Just alike I adopted Aillen years ago. She is mongrel dog which almost no selling value that’s why if that time I didn’t bring her home perhaps if she luckier she might stray in street or worst ended as meal.

In Berastagi, you could find many food stall which sells dog meat and the scariest things, they even hung up the dog head at in front the stall. My first time to witness that scenery during my trip to Berastagi was nightmare. I hugged my Crystal and Aillen, I didn’t enjoy my trip at all. I afraid if my babies lost they ways and being caught by bad guys and end up as meal in other people table.

In Medan there are few perhaps one or two Bataknese restaurants which sell dish make from dog meat. At beginning, I didn’t understand the terms of B1 and B2 later on, my friends told me B1 is term used to refer Dog Meat and B2 is term used to refer Pork.

to say, it was not easy for me to have Crystal because I went through many things, the breeder asking me so many questions and also doing survey and monitoring about three months until he believed Crystal would be in good care with me.

Moreover, I have good relationship with others owner’s of Crystal sibling such as S who owned Crystal’s brother Mocca.

Back to my topic, I spotted Shih Tzu puppy which I guessed cannot being sold since she is not really attractive because black fur covered her face (I have seen the photo). The opening price was IDR and now the priced dropped to IDR, the difference quite big since only a week.

I feel pity with the puppy, I want to take her to my home but if I buy from the seller means I support the seller business which will make the seller to take others puppies to sell again.



12 thoughts on “Please Don’t Make Animals as Commodity!

  1. Make me sad everytime read something about animal abuse. I love my chanel (shih tzu). She is part of the family like my own children even I call my self mama for her

    1. Me too.
      That’s why I have stopped visited Berastagi from last time incident.
      I afraid to see because I know I would feel bad and it break my heart.
      I love my Crystal (Shih Tzu) and also Aillen (Mongrel).
      I never differed both of them.

  2. Somehow I’m glad the business of selling dog meat is not legal here in the Philippines, however it’s a known issue that there are people here who eats dogs… (-_-) But it’s really a taboo here.

    Yah, it’s insane how EXPENSIVE a dog can be. I DO want a dog with a certain breeding especially those furry types (Shinu), but can’t afford them.. So we tend to adopt “low-breed” ones or “buy” them (rather than “buying”, it’s more like we give them a small amount to show goodwill or something for letting us have one of their puppies).

    1. I don’t know whether dog meat legal or not.
      Indonesia is multicultural country, we have so many races in here.
      some worship cow and dog (we have Hindus in here), some avoid pork (Muslims) but there are some races still having primitive life.

  3. ooo, your concern just like the one i ever ask my friend. when i accompany her at veterinary there’s a cat that need adoption. and i ask her if someones adopting that cat, they would gave the cat for free, she said: ”no, of course they had to pay, at least Rp. 1. 500. 000;00.” and i ask her, if that adoption why they have to pay for the cat, she said: “because if the paid for it, it means they would taking care the cat very well, because they afford to bought the cat means the afford to raising it without neglecting it”. i don’t know if i can agree with her, because i never had a pet before, i’m allergic to fur. how about your opinion?

    1. So far as I know there are no fee for adoption. But there is only donation and people like to pay cash.
      For me, I prefer to give donation by buying dog food or medicine and seldom to pay cash.
      Again, if they are insist to ask me pay sum of money, I won’t give any cent. But in order to support shelter or vet, I will do “non cash” donation, things that they need.
      If they afraid the adopter could not taking care the dogs, cats, they could to survey or home visit once every six months.

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