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Financial : Money, Don’t let it worries you too much

This quotes never be old-fashioned. It's life teaching about money
This quotes never be old-fashioned. It’s life teaching about money

Hey guys, today my topic is about money. I know money is quite sensitive issue for most of people. I hope no one will scold me when read the tittle. Well, my topic is, Don’t Let Money Worries Me / You /Us too much. And some of you might come up with question, ‘how can I not worry about money if I need to pay for my basic necessities, study loan, rent, etc.’

Money is evil, I learn this statement when I watched K-drama, Incarnation of Money. But, I want to change the statement little bit, money is not evil but the greed possession of money is an evil. Well, this post isn’t going to console you who is struggling for financial but I will teach you to get some peace in your ‘circumstances’.

I think some of you are not looking for cheesy words such as ‘Money is not important because money can’t buy everything’. Well, I will still say, money indeed can’t buy everything but does not have money with us, life is going to be tough and even super tough for some people. while the important of money depends to how one’s self thought of it. For the riches, money indeed not really important but for those who struggling for financial such as thinking for day to day meals, if you tell them money is not important, you are not only narrowed as person but also insensible and also insensitive. Instead of asking people to less worry about money why don’t come up with solution options such as idea how to make one’s self feel less worries for their circumstances.

I am not financial expert but I try to give you an information and also shared my experience + my knowledge.

Worries is a state of anxiety and uncertainty over actual or potential problems and this is coming from mind-state. So, how could I worry less about money while I am struggling with financial issues? First at all we need job, working to earn for money, don’t mention about the amount but list down the most important needs you need to spend such as food at top and rent cost (mostly paid per month) at bottom (or just arrange based on the priority). Then, what should I do if I am jobless now? of course looking for job but this can’t be easy task because we still need time to find one suitable and good job. My advice, while looking for professional and good payment job, try to aim part-time job as shortcut solution while persistent to seek other opportunities. The most important be active and don’t be shy.

I had double degrees but during my jobless days, I didn’t waste my time to be rice-worm (useless person) but I kept myself active to look for professional job but at same time, I did some part-time job while waiting for interview calls and email. part-time job didn’t earn much so that I took several jobs as long as I still can handle those jobs. I didn’t feel shy to work as dishwasher before although I am graduated student from university, the most important I need to settle my financial issues an immediately, as soon as possible in order to survive. As long as I didn’t do thing to against law and morality, nothing to be shamed for.

At the beginning it would be super hard moreover for those who have high pride, thinking what hell of shit I am doing these part time jobs while I have good education background. But, if you think which one is better being jobless who worries day to day meal to having part time job with low salary while searching for better opportunities and less worries about tomorrow meals. Things will get better as long as you are not giving up and praying.

Be smart when shopping especially for groceries
My mom likes to shop at traditional / fresh market for vegetable, meats, fishes and fruit. Because she can bargain with the seller and most of time, mom will come to market not at morning but at afternoon when the sellers almost close their store. why? because my mom will get cheaper price and can get some bonuses.
For example: At Morning the seller sell 1kg of carrot with IDR 8000, if come at afternoon the price will reduce about 50-60% cheaper so the price will be about 3500-4500 per kg plus the seller will give 1-2 pieces (weight about 200-350grams) tomatoes. Don’t worry about freshness, the reducing price not because the ‘good’ is going bad but because if the seller most of time won’t keep the vegetable until tomorrow and sell it back.

My mom will go shopping at supermarket when there are promotion and discount voucher. My mom isn’t stingy but she is so economical and used to live frugal life. Credit card is a card that avoid to use by my family but it does not mean we don’t use it. My mom has 3 credit cards from 3 different banks for different usage and those credit card have 0% interest.

Recently supermarket in Indonesia like to offer discount price if using certain credit card. For Example Transmart Carrefour offer 10% discount if using XX bank credit card and so does with Hypermart. We also like to purchase goods in bulk because the price will be cheaper, save transportation cost and also save time.

Understand the word ‘Enough’
Most of time we are used to hear enough is never enough, this word. That’s right, human being is never satisfied with whatever they have and wanted more except you are the one who stay away from worldly things. Self control is the key point. Although I learned to differentiate need, Want and desire, but still sometimes I will tempt to buy something which actually I don’t really need. It’s okay to be tempted but don’t make it so often. Just remember, it’s enough.

For me, budgeting is part of cost control. I don’t know about other people but I used to take amount of money as saving, first whenever I got my salary and the rest of money will go into my spending budgeting. by this way, I will make rough calculation, if my number isn’t same, I will think about substitution product.

After you fulfill your basic necessity and you still have plenty money after saving, perhaps you can think about insurance such as health.

Worrying won’t solve problems but as human we won’t free from worrying because the feeling of insecurity. That’s why I may advice rather than complaining about life, stay focus, be grateful, don’t easy to give up and last leave it to GOD. Don’t preoccupied your mind with many  unnecessary things, you may work hard but know your limit and also do kindness such as do volunteer job, if you have more money after fulfill all the basic needs, may give donation if not, use your energy to serve the community. As word goes ‘Upper hand is better than lower hand’.



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