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Stress-relief, coloring book

Coloring-Page-little-twin-stars-children edition

Since I was at school, I never good at art especially for drawing subject. At my school, there were four types of art class such as: Drawing, Sewing, Hand-crafting and Clay (ceramic). every time when I entered drawing class, I would especially stressed and afraid because my teacher would like to criticized the senseless me in Art. So, when it came to the last year in Senior High, I had new teacher for drawing class. Since his coming, I didn’t need to draw something alike building, scenery but for the entire semester, he taught us about abstract art mean I didn’t need to draw anything similar with examples pictures but only circles, squares, and many odd scratching.

If you are ‘regular’ reader in this blog you may know that I prone to stress, mostly because my work loads. I have tried many things to get rid myself from negative stress, from exercise, eat healthy, smiles more, meditation, listen to music, praying and now I try coloring book.

Well, coloring book is trending recently, it becomes viral because it said to have benefit for stress-relief. Since I had graduated from school, I never touched any sketch book, paints, coloring pens/pencils. so, I was quite surprising when My friend asked me to try coloring book as media for stress-relief.

At beginning I despised her because I thought she was trying to fool me. But, she insist me to have her coloring book and let me to have it for a while. I was so pessimist about the benefit that she told me, I just left it in my desk and one day, I just too boring nothing to do so I took a glance at the coloring book and start to kill my time with coloring that book.

I have browsed internet about the benefit of coloring book. I read from CNN.com, one of the article written that coloring isn’t similar with therapeutic. Coloring definitely has therapeutic potential to reduce anxiety, create focus or bring [about] more mindfulness.

just like meditation, coloring also allows us to switch off out brains from other thoughts and focus only the moment, helping to alleviate free-floating anxiety.

It was not easy to color the book because I took three to a week only to color one page because the drawing was so detail and as adult I want it to look neat and good/be precised (just don’t want to be called as little child, messy coloring). I have been doing this coloring stuffs for a month.

I enjoyed my coloring session thirty minutes everyday. listening to relaxing music and also burn aroma incense or aromatic candles. The point, I can feel myself calmer and relax more.

This is one of the example.  source: google
This is one of the example.
source: google

I like this drawing so much because I like Owl LOLS



3 thoughts on “Stress-relief, coloring book

  1. Yeah, I heard this as well on TV. That doing coloring picture can help relief stress. Good for you and any method that work for you is good. I relief my stress by running 10km outside. LOLS. Literally sweating out all my stress.

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