C-novel Introduction: The CEO’s Pregnant Wife


Novel title    : 总裁的孕妻
English title : The CEO’s Pregnant Wife
Author          : 千草 (Qian Cao)
Female lead : Fang Yi Ran
Male Lead    : Jun Si Que


Super—- troublesome!

Since when being pregnant is unexpectedly much easier compare to buy fresh vegetable (Green vegetables)?

Alright, alright, she is admitting that she really muddle-head,

But this man is really does not have any commitment,

As the Host in night club, not only his service attitude too bad,

Moreover his ‘skill’ was deathly super worst,

It pained her to death, during that time her mood was terrible bad,

She will absolutely to make report to Customer Association.

But… But…

After all he isn’t a Host!

Furthermore the most unfortunate thing, to her surprised she even born his and hers baby.

The next chronology is big.

The most unfortunate is, she is the only antidote for him.

Hu hu hu, who can tell her, what should she do in order to free herself from this big troublesome!


This novel is my up coming project collaborate with Lazy Thunder, although Thunder said gonna do the translation but I still need to remind the reader, Thunder is super moody translator. We will start the project soon.


  1. yadane · April 26

    super excited! thank you for picking up this novel

    • azurro4cielo · April 26

      This novel is quite short so I will take my time to do the translation together with Thunder who lately seems so full of energy.

  2. Crowncare · April 26

    Wow!!! Another project on the way already? Thanks a million, I’m looking forward to this translation.

  3. nabi69 · April 26

    How many chapters does it have?

    • azurro4cielo · April 26

      According to Thunder it is only 10 chapters plus one prologue and epilogue

      • nabi69 · April 26

        Jej that’s awesome 😁 thanks

  4. Rebecca · April 26

    Sounds like a fun read!!

  5. humbledaisy1 · April 26

    Thanks for taking this up! Super moody, eh? We’ll try to keep on Thunder’s good side then.

  6. miseal · April 26

    wow! Really appreciate it. Looking forward to read the novel ^.^

  7. aigeha26 · April 26

    Wow! Sounds interesting.Thank you!!!

  8. Coolkat · April 26

    Wow thank u for picking it up!! Have fun translating with Thunder

    • azurro4cielo · April 27

      I gonna to hurry Thunder since she still in spirit…

  9. Lili01 · April 27

    Yahooo!! I love short novels. This sounds lovely!! Thank you for the translations! ♥

  10. OPN · May 11

    Just saw this in your blog. Thanks for picking this up.

    Me likey too that it’s a short one compared to others you did. So hopefully it’s not as heavy workload in your part as translator. Good luck and much appreciated.

  11. eisangame · May 22

    Thanks for the new project. Where you get the raw? Can I know?

  12. greenleafstory · July 19

    Uh azurro, ch 3 is protected?

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