Review : Secret Key Starting Treatment Cream

secret key

I know this post is little bit late to super late XD. I had purchased this product last year together with Secret Key Snow White moisture cream. I had made the review of Secret Key Snow White moisture cream but forgotten about Secret Key Starting Treatment Cream =.=”

Let me start with the texture. It has such moist and also little bit watery texture. It smells more or less so similar with other Secret key products for this typical range. Personally I won’t recommend this product to oily-type skin because it will make the skin oilier and also it takes sometime to absorb in skin.

But something interested me about this product, it works so well in my super dry heels area. I must say that I have problem with crack-skin of my feet. I used to use many creams, lotions and even foot lotions but only some that works for me and secret key starting treatment cream is one of them.

Honestly, it quite ‘wasting’ and ‘expensive’ to use face product onto feet but since my face skin could not endure with the watery and moist consistency of the product, while I also can’t let it waste, so I used to cure my crack-skin.

The result was not bad. It didn’t breakout my skin (face) but just made it oilier so I stopped. I also could not tolerate the ‘moist’ in my face (it’s giving me a feeling as if something sticking in my skin surface). But it works so well for my feet especially heels area.

3 thoughts on “Review : Secret Key Starting Treatment Cream

  1. Azurro did you try snake oil to treat your feet. My husband had severe dry heels and crack skin on his feet. One friend recommended this product and applied on his feet for an hour then scrape it with razor blade or emery board for feet, it really work.

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