Review : A’pieu Perfumed Hand Cream Hydrangea (Crayon Shinchan Edition)


Hey, I’m back doing skincare Hand Care review….

Not really sure since when my translation project takes up most of my time. I even forgot to do review for some of my skincare purchase LOLS, need to balance my post ^-^

A’pieu Perfumed Hand Cream Crayon ShinChan Edition has three types: Pink (Lotus), Yellow (Gardenia) and Blue (Hydrangea). I purchased the Hydrangea one.

Product Description:
The hand cream texture is little bit strange for me, it is little bit gel and not creamy, very light when it put on to hand but has little bit strong smell of fresh grass, since I really don’t have any idea how Hydrangea smell alike. It absorbs relatively fast and also moisturized my hand. I don’t have any complain with the smell because it not stay longer.

The packaging is considered as cute and simple. Speak frankly, my first interest to purchase this hand cream because the Shinchan picture XD XD XD.

About price, I would say this hand cream is little bit pricey compare to Etude House and little bit cheaper compare with Missha Line edition and Holikaholika.

Additional information:
Size : 35g
Price : IDR 50,000 – IDR 65,000
I bought it from my local online store IDR 58,000 included shipping cost.

IMG_20160513_190534This is mine but only managed to take back side LOLS, forgive me because I really forgot to take in front picture 😦


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