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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 117

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Edited by: Obsidian

Chapter 117

The Source of Pain

“Say what you want to ask, just ask! No need to worry that I’ll be angry as I’ve promised to bring you along.  I won’t leave you (behind) unless you choose to leave me. I won’t leave you alone.” Jokingly, Bai Yin Chen looks at her.

“Really? Big Brother Bai, this is what you said! You said you’d bring me along! You cannot go back on your word!” Long Mo Er is jumping, happily stretching her hands holding Bai Yin Chen’s wrist while happily jumping up and down in place.

“That’s right, I won’t go back on my own words.”  He never thought this simple promise would give her such satisfaction.  Only one promise enables her to forget her sadness, exposes her real smile.  She is really a naive girl, such an easily satisfied little girl. “What were you thinking before? Do you have any questions for me? Ask!”

“He he!” Scratching her head, Long Mo Er feels shy. “Big Brother Bai you are so smart, you know everything.”

Bai Yin Chen smiles but says nothing.

“That, I want to ask why were you injured!” Long Mo Er’s eyes are brightly flashing, looking curiously at him.

“Just asking about this one matter? Why didn’t you ask before?  Are you really afraid that I will leave you? Dummy little girl!”  This matter, never thought about such a simple matter.  Bai Yin Chen thought she wanted to ask something about his mask, although now if she really wants to know the story behind his mask then he will also honestly tell her.

He had thought about it; he will take her to that place.  He also acquiesced about letting her know.  In two days she will found out about this matter. But he just did not realize that he had relented. After seeing her eyes redden, he realized he also has heartache and so actually could not refuse her demand.  So there was no need to hide it anymore!

One person has shouldered it for two years, perhaps like others he should let it out so he won’t be this tired. Perhaps the feeling will be much better.  Also Mo Er this naive and simple little girl really cares about him.  It gives a feeling of family, a feeling that he hasn’t had for a long time.  Can he still hide it from her?

“Actually regarding my injury, I encountered someone with high martial arts skills.  I met him when he was injured.  I helped but in the process of treating him discovered his real identity and then…”

The two persons are talking while walking.  After listening, Long Mo Er startles.  At one point she nervously grasps Bai Yin Chen’s robe.  One time she sighs.

“Never thought his real identity was… Fortunately he did not come back to check or else you would have died.  It allowed me to help you. Lucky big brother Bai, later if we encounter him then I will help you get revenge.  He’s really evil.”  Ill-affected, Long Mo Er was not convinced it was worth doing for Bai Yi Chen.

“Silly little girl, I almost died in his hands.  How would you help me to get revenge? Do you have the ability to get revenge?”

“That’s right I don’t. Then what should we do?”

“What to still do? Of course let it be! We were surprised.  This lets us know to be careful next time.  If a sincere heart can be used to melt that kind of person who is used to having one’s way then it would be better.  But I didn’t do that.  You also must be careful; don’t help others at random.”

“Don’t help people at random? How can that be? How can I that hard-hearted? If I don’t save other people at random then I would not have helped you.  Then how could you stand here now?”

“Ha ha, that’s right.”

“Mo Er you are a really kind person.”

“Everyone says I’m like that, ha ha!”


The sunset elongates the shadows of two people.


2 thoughts on “C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 117

  1. Thank you for the chapter!

    Yup…. she’s a “kind” person and also an airhead? I’m not sure how to say it (as I’m stil learning English), but I simply can’t understand her way of thinking. at this point, I would asy that she’s sacrificed her “life” in order to help a stranger…. I know that it is a good thing to help others, but to go to this length withouth considering the consequences is unfathomable to me. however, I also have the feeling that I might have missed out reading her explanations up till now, because I was binge eading this story ^^;

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the outcome of this situation (and I really hope that she will at least feel regretful about her actions after going back to her family)

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