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C-novel Translation Project Go Hiatus


Dear fellow readers,
Sadly I make an announcement that I will go hiatus for all my on going translation project. I think all of you might realized about the previous post style. I know it really inconvenient and hard to read moreover for those who read through mobile phone.

I am quite surprising that there website which shamelessly stole my translation works. I won’t mention the web name because it only to help them to increase their traffic and earn more cents. If not because Inno informed me, perhaps I would not know if my translation work being stolen (without any link and credit).
I don’t have any idea how to stop them who are keep on stealing other people works, moreover my wordpress blog is free hosting so there is not much protection could be given.

At the beginning I am so angry and boiling up because they STOLE my works and even claimed mine as their. But thing that make me angrier is they STOLE and USED other people works in order to benefit themselves without any permissions. Then, suddenly I feel pity for them because in order to make money they did shameless thing like stealing other people works. I have mixed emotions, I have fun when I doing the translation, but I really hate unethical practice alike ‘thief web’.

My translation work perhaps not the best one but still I worked hard to do each chapters and taking sum of my time to do the project. Some might say, my reaction perhaps too over since others web not even mentioned anything though their work are better than mine. I am sorry if my post make you guys feel worry but, I will go hiatus for sometime until I figure out how to deal with this thing or at least let myself to calm down. This post only to let you guys know why I stop up-dating my projects so this won’t be alike sudden disappeared / missing.

Feel free to give me any advise, recommendation, suggestion…..


72 thoughts on “C-novel Translation Project Go Hiatus

  1. thank you for posting this announcement, those web thief/ves is/are really shameless
    hope you will be able to figure out how to block them from stealing your works

    1. Yes…
      Perhaps I need little bit time in order to figure out all the things….
      I am so sorry for the inconvenient 😦
      I have so much fun with all my translation and everyone comments but….

  2. Im so sorry to hear that azurro. I just recently found this translation project of yours and I read it day and night until I reached the current update, I keep checking my phone for a new update everyday, because I love the story so much. When I told my friends about what you were doing (translating novels) they were surprised and full of praise for what you are doing. Please, please, please don’t give up on this project.. I read another novel here that the author no longer updated. I felt so sad, it was also about a rich, powerful man whose business is selling weapons of war and he was obsessed with a girl, i forgot the title. Azurro please promise you will return, Im crying right now 😭

    1. Ranmingu,
      I am sorry to worry you. and thank you to help me to spread words about my blog to yours friends.
      I won’t leave my works in the middle or give up so easily, I just need little bit time to calm myself down and figure out what should I do to deal with these things.
      I will still have my daily post and when I back to do my translation post, I gonna try to satisfy everyone craving ^-^
      Please don’t take this post as negative announcement, I just want to let everyone knows my reason to stop up-dating my project so there is no sudden disappearance.

  3. So sorry to hear about your hiatus status. At the same time, I truly support your decision. I have loved reading all your translation work although I have not been following for a while due to work. Will try to catch up soon and check out where Yao Yao and Ao Tian are at the moment.
    Will await for return soon. In the meantime, hang on there and don’t think too much. Life after all is way too short to be unhappy.

  4. I am sorry that that happened to you 😖😖😖😖 you’re the greatest for giving us these translations❤❤❤❤ I hope you can get them stop so it don’t ruin all your hard work. See u soon😍😍😍😍

    1. Crazily they stole everyone works and claim as their. I am not the only being victim but it happened to other translators too.
      It not only A Naive Short Tempered Girl, but all my on going and completed project being stolen.
      The most ridiculous, they even copy paste every thing not even check on my grammatical error or anything.

  5. It’s been a problem to all the translation projects being stollen. Those thieves are very smart. I read from other translator that he made all the texts to an object or animations if someone tries to copy and paste her translations. Like if someone tries to copy it but when the thieves paste it, all the text will turn into a picture or just a random words. Not sure how she did that, I guess you have to be a programmer savvy…to accomplish such command like that. Thank you for the notice…

  6. Dear Azzuro…..sad to hear that someone has shamelessly been stealing all your hardwork and efforts. I dont know how to help but hope you will be able to find the solution soon….hang in there dear and good luck.

  7. those people are ridiculous for not being able to create their own work and use others for their own benefits. Even if you go on hiatus we as your own fans will continue to support your hard work and continue to follow you until you return. Hope you find these people and have them pay for their unethical mistakes until then fighting!!!

    1. Thanks Lilogurime for the support, it really mean lots for me.
      One of my blog purpose is to introduce C-novel, furthermore I do enjoy this translation work so much but it really upset me when I found out 1% (how trung mentioned) did piracy which I thought it something unnecessary since this is public post, free and can be access freely at anytime.

      1. I’m also a fan of trung translation but can’t seem to follow her for some reason but if it gets worse you should contact WordPress if they c

  8. Ah…some website that I visit daily have the same problem. They got angry and hiatus too… so sad but I know how your feeling, just make sure to come back soon, I will patiently waiting for you

    1. Speak frankly, I did think same way. But, if I do so, I am too selfish and irresponsible to fellow readers who have followed me this far.
      That’s why, I choose to go hiatus for temporary, trying to figure out and solve this problem….

      1. I’m feel for you 😞 This is like someone else plagiarising your hard work and took credit. I suggest you try to comment on trungtnguyen’s lastest post and hopefully there’ll be a reply although trungtnguyen is also on hiatus 🙏 Wish you luck and hopefully you still blog about your other interests other than translating 😘

      2. Try the comment section of Trung’s latest post, and hopefully there’ll be a reply🙏 Also will you still blog on other stuff like drama/product reviews?

  9. Dear Azurro- I am so sorry that your hard work and trust were abused by that site. I have a very stressful life but reading every one of your past and ongoing translations is very relaxing for me. I have a film job where piracy and theft is also a problem, so I feel your helplessness and how your mourn your stolen work. Every time you post, I step outside immediately to read. Your work is my guaranteed fun each day so I feel upset and hurt for you right now. You come into our lives each day like a true friend so we want only the best for you, especially as you do this while having a lot of responsibility at work.

    I am at work now, but may I email you later to tell you how to write protect your work so that it can’t be copied or saved in any way? Copied screen grabs won’t load. If they try to copy your text it flashes a warning. If they try to override that, the text looks like bitmap when they paste it. I can send step by step instructions and screen shots. I wish I had sent it sooner before your work was stolen and your feelings were hurt.

    Rest well, and later in the future when you return I would like to be one of your editors. Waiting with patience for your great efforts and happy return. Enjoy your hiatus, and don’t let bad people ruin your spirit of giving and sharing with others.

  10. that’s happen a lot, i don’t know which site that ha been taken yor post since i’m only read translations that listed in SSB and novelupdates. i think they are targeting the site that has a regular or daily updates. that’s what happened to trungtnguyen blog i guess. until she protected her blog they still trying to steal her translation because she has so many project completed and many other projects ongoing. i think because she locked her blog up they next target is you and other site that has regular and daily post

    1. They not just take C-novel translator works but also others such as Japanese and Korean. Now, I am thinking should I post in Bahasa Indonesia or Boso Jowo XD XD XD
      In order to keep my daily post LOLS

      1. maybe you can try you batak language. like my senior still talking with batak accent even though she was born and living in sulawesi for her whole life

      2. It is good idea. but, I don’t have any knowledge of Batak Language except the daily simple words such as the vegetables sellers use in traditional market.

  11. I’m sorry to hear that this things happened to you and others, Those people are shameless, unethical and no conscience at all. I do hope that Jocelyn Milhous-Tanner is able to help you solved this problem. I will be missing your translations each day. May you have a blessed day and peace. Awaiting for your updates…

  12. I am so sorry that your hard work is being taken advantage of. You are truly wonderful to work so hard to provide other people so much pleasure, and it is a shame that others have to use their time to steal others hard work. I hope everything work for you. Thank you for all that you have done. I will be hoping for your updates.

  13. I truly support your decision ! It’s a shame that they take advantage of your hard work . I am a little sad that you are going on hiatus but after all you gave up your time doing these projects and it’s not nice that they have stolen them . Good luck and I hope that things will work out soon ! 🙂 :*

  14. Thanks. I am utterly shocked by what is happening. Speechless, angry and upset. Just want to say appreciate your hard work, time and efforts. Hope you can solve it. Wonder how other translators do it. Take care. Hugs.

  15. I’m sorry that this happened and i hope you’ll find it in yourself to work through it. There is karma and I’m sure these people will soon get what’s coming to them. As for you, you’re a fantastic and dedicated person who sacrificed valuable time translating these novels for us. We always have that in our hearts. 😀

  16. So sorry to read of your blog’s difficulties – I really appreciate the translations I’ve read here. Good luck finding a solution and I’ll look for you when you come back!

  17. Hi Azurro- I emailed you. Sorry for the delay. I was at work. Our company lawyer looked at their site and outlined what you need to do next for ALL the books you’re translating. I’m such a big fan that I called in a free legal favour to help you! Haha! Try to look forward and remember the fun you had, and then act to stop these people. Put the energy of your hurt into that. I will help in any way I can. Feel the love of your followers, enjoy these days of not typing, and try to get some sleep.

  18. You should teach them good lesson. So they won’t dare to do it again. Take your time for next post. As your translation’s fan I’ll wait for next post

  19. I am so sorry to hear that and I am supporting your decision. Thank you so much for doing the translation so far. Hope you can find the solution soon.
    Good that you can overcome your anger, they are not worth it.
    take this as a holiday time for you. can’t wait to hear from you again in the future.

    1. That’s true.
      If you check some web discussion forum, they have many cool idea to prevent them keep stealing but I don’t see all going to work well for ours type of blog ( It make me to re-think my decision, hiatus or retire or accompany them to play while trying to look for better solution.
      I just hope fellow readers come to understand the circumstances…..

      1. Yes I have read them. I want to put my blog on private however they have already stolen them all. I feel it’ll be a shame if i did that for new readers

  20. Hi azzuro, I’ve always been your silent reader and a fan of your green plum wife. I’m sad this happens. I was as angry as you when I found out that my work was also being plagiarized. Keep hanging there. I found out that they actually literally copied everything even the small introduction I have for each chapter. You can probably write something in the beginning of the chapter to tell people? I plan to do that but I don’t know how effective it is going to be. Cheers, Nutty.

    1. Hi nutty ^_^
      I have done the comment troll for the trial and they took the bait, but the latest post comment troll had removed. That’s why, I put such random posts for the three lastest posts.

  21. Hi,
    I just found your website through I am sorry any sites have taken your hard work but am very thankful to find your translations of these interesting stories. I did not learn to read my native language while growing up in North America but I still enjoy the plots and atmosphere/mood of asian novels/fiction when I fins translations in English. Sometimes the public library has officially translated books but my town isn’t very big so the selection is small (and I can’t afford to buy very many books).

    Best wishes

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