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C-Novel : Substitute Bride (替身新娘) 119

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This is the latest post which translated by Obsidian before her absent. So, starting next chapter, I will do the translation by myself until Obsidian back from her break.

Chapter 119

His Face

Standing in front of the gravestone silently accompanying Bai Yin Chen, Long Mo Er again continued to not open her mouth.  Standing by the side of Bai Yin Chen, steadily quietly behaving, Long Mo Er did not know how to talk to him to support him. As a result she just stood by his side accompanying him.

“Mo Er, haven’t you all along been really wanting to know what my face under the mask truly looks like?”

Bai Yin Chen unexpectedly opened his mouth. “Ah?”  The unanticipated words completely dumbfounding Long Mo Er.  She mistakenly was thinking that she misheard.

“I know you really want to know what I look like under the mask.  This moment I can satisfy your intention.”  Bai Yin Chen’s hand which was on the gravestone a long time, left the stone, his face mask turning upwards.

In Long Mo Er’s big shocked eyes, Bai Yin Chen used his hands to take off the silver colored mask, nothing whatever blocking his face directly facing Long Mo Er, watching her.

Shocked, Long Mo Er opened wide her mouth, her pupils dilated, not blinking an instant, tenaciously looking at Bai Yin Chen’s face.

That face is indescribable, clean handsome, thick pitch-black brows, charming bright eyes, profound round nose, small as well as thin lips.  The contour of the entire face is gentle, fine and exquisite, just as if sketched in ink (by an artist).

What Long Mo Er saw completely obliterated her ideas as she didn’t expect Bai Yin Chen would be this handsome. What she formerly thought and what she now saw were worlds apart.  She mistakenly thought his face was destroyed so he hid his appearance in this way.

“What? Mo Er? Your current expression shows you’re frightened?”  Bai Yin Chen didn’t understand the meaning of the expression that Mo Er displayed.

“Ah, no, no!”  Long Mo Er eyes now kept blinking, shut up her mouth which had published her astonishment.

“Mo Er, I have a story.  Are you interested in hearing it?  Mo Er gazed at Bai Yin Chen’s face which was looking back again toward the grave, again toward that far place.

“Oh! OK!” Long Mo Er was still soaking in Yin Chen’s appearance.  A bit shocked, Long Mo Er’s reaction was a little slow. “Bai Yin Chen, you go ahead and talk.  I’ll listen.”

“Two years before that spring, at that time you can say I was clearly not a child anymore.  At that time I just knew myself to be happily living everyday with my family, going the store accompanying my father and big brother doing everything for the business.  Every day was ordinary and simple things, in those days’ life was soft and sweet because there were no difficulties and no hardships.” As if going back to that original time, Bai Yin Chen’s face was full of simple satisfaction, gentle and content.

“There was a bright and beautiful day where I went very early to the store to help out. After a full day of hustle and bustle, I was incredibly tired, short-tempered hurriedly returned home. As luck would have it, I came across her on the main street.  Perhaps it was destined by the heavens or maybe it was karma, we became wonderfully acquainted in that way.”

Long Mo Er was silently listening.  She felt amazement hearing Bai Yin Chen’s story from his own mouth.  Expectantly waiting and listening caused her to be emerge touched about this matter.

“After she and I met, after coming into contact with her, I discovered she is a kind-hearted girl like water, her hearts’ detailed thinking makes you feel moved.  Every time she met me during my difficult times, she was by my side accompanying me. She would with her own hands embroider beautiful little bags for me, personally working under the lamp without resting for a good number of days stitching clothes, making shoes.  We made a solemn pledge of love without our parents’ approval.”  Saying this here, Bai Yin Chen every part of his face shown a strange radiance.

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      1. Another word I should be patient…but thanking you very much for fixing it real quick. You’re the best, keep your chin up…:D

  1. Thanks, azzuro. Can’t wait for next chapter. Dragging quite long time b4 next chapter. Almost forgot the story. Thanks a lot for taking over. Hooray

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