My Little Reminders toward Myself


Dear Myself,

This just little reminders for you when you find things are getting harder and tougher for your days, reminders when you are questioning and self-doubted, or in case you just feel everything is messing up, dispirited or fault by others.

Keep moving forward and have faith in God.

Life may hard, tough but as long as you have faith with God, He will lead and show you the way. Keep moving, stay positive and smile more. Even after heavy storm the sky will still clear up and shine by sun. No one can put you down unless you let them to do it.

Dear myself, you have done great so far. nothing is wrong with you though there are many flaws in you, chin up, stay focus, work hard…. do your best, stop worries and smiles more.




27 thoughts on “My Little Reminders toward Myself

      1. Having a consuming passion towards all kinds of stuff often makes you forget the little things in life.

  1. flaws are what make you special and different from others. its boring to be perfect. you are special for being little happiness with your translation of novel to share with others. your good deed will be return to you in the future. Hang in there and be positive. Don’t let negatively bring you down, and do what makes you happy. I know I was tough on you earlier, tough love. Thank you for all your hard work and being little happiness to all of us reader. what they say in korean drama …. AJA!!! AJA!!! (fighting). We are here for you to vent. hang in there.

  2. Just a few words of inspiration can make your da. I greatly admire you and thank you for the fantastic work you do every day.

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