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Healthy Soul – Feed Self with Positive Things (Part 1)


August wasn’t really good month but at sometime not such worse even though there were little bit irritating things happened and also misunderstood but I managed to go through everything. Thunder even joking to me, saying that I quite have fast self-recovery after those ‘uncomfortable’ things happened and generously treating me one of most expensive macaroons in town as ‘reward’? or ‘comforting’? LOLS

Speak frankly, there isn’t something called as fast self-recovery but after years practice I always try to feed myself with positive things for my healthy soul because after all I live for myself not for others.

So here some of my sharing:

  • Be grateful to God, people who make us happy
  • Stay calm, composed, self-reflect
    Stay calm mean don’t react too fast for every negative things that come to approach because most of time we are tended to react impulsively which later on caused us to regret with our acts.
    Self-reflect mean before we react, it’s better trying to analyze the situation, the problem and ourselves why this thing happened, what the caused matter?
  • Go for exercise
    As for me, I like to walk my doggies or just jumping inside my room for half hour, vent out all my stress until I feel tired and after my mind clear, I will come back to solve my problems.
  • Do whatever you like, things make you happy
  • Be kind to others
    Believe or not kindness and happiness are things that can be contagious. During my spare time, I like to volunteer job, Even though It’s not much but as long as it helps I will happily do it.

Share with me what do you do to stay positive and keep your soul healthy?


8 thoughts on “Healthy Soul – Feed Self with Positive Things (Part 1)

  1. Don’t harbor grudges, pray and forgive those who had wrong you. Other wise it makes you sick and miserable, letting them free on board in your mind is unhealthy. Be positive, strong and Let God take care of it. Pray and offer to God all your sufferings and pains for their radical conversion and don’t worry and be happy. Have a blessed evening. Happy Labor Day everyone in the USA.

  2. Just as amy3108 mentioned above, don’t harbor grudges because the more you do that the bitter your heart becomes and also read inspirational books that will add value to your life and above all determine to stay happy always no matter the circumstance. Enjoy your day

  3. Go on a vacation whether a long or a short one. Be kind to other’s so other’s will be kind to you and if those people don’t understand your kindness just ignore them. Don’t let the tress full things get to you. Be strong. Think positive and do things that makes you happy.🤗

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