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C-Novel Introduction: Don’t Cry Sweet Heart


Her first time with her vision line caught him, because that year he had been comforting her, although he forgot about her.

His first time using serious look glanced at her, because she easily got fears it concerned him, although he shouted at her.

There was time, the violent bossy and little white rabbit are not matched, but cupid would be reasoning: Basically Love is miracle…..

Recently, the hot temperament boss enforced within half year if she didn’t have significant performance then going to fire her!

But, how to facilitate improving the performance? In her daily days, if there is someone sick, give a medicine, if there is someone feeling exhausted, give a concern, if there is someone asking she would give an answer.

She never thought the target is turned to be her boss, the performance changed, and two of them even went further until to bed, well then it still better for her to hide from him, after all he could find amusement when he occasion arises, while she has been liking him for long time…..

Normally love must be beginning with: Dating, meeting both sides parent, having intimate behavior.

But when he saw her wearing so beautifully for going to match-making, he just raging in the fume!

He even had bad idea to put her into drunken state, taking advantage when she befuddle, let her to miss out her appointment + lost her body.

Later he realized the reason he pissed off and raging in the fume, actually he has already fallen for her, but….

Didn’t he just make wrong movement, why must she avoid him as if he were a snake?


6 thoughts on “C-Novel Introduction: Don’t Cry Sweet Heart

  1. Is the novel complete. How many chapters does it has and are you planning to translate it. It seems quite nice with soft love.

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