Yang Rong’s Time


Yang Rong (杨蓉), this isn’t new name in China Entertainment Industry especially Dramas. Most of popular Chinese Dramas which set in dynasty or ancient time, I can say eighty percent, I could spot Yang Rong whether played as antagonist or second lead actress. But, For long time, I have been wondering why Yang Rong not as popular as other Chinese Actress such as Yang Mi, Cecilia Liu Shi Shi, Tiffany Tang Yan, Stephy Qi Wei, etc.

Speak frankly, from acting to appearance, Yang Rong isn’t inferior compare to those actress, and even better compare to few actress who are ‘seem’ to be more popular than her.

I have admired Yang Rong since the first time I watched her in Gong 2 (宫锁珠帘), it was also the time when I starting to learn Chinese and trying to watch Chinese drama without English subtitles. I was quite surprised with Yang Rong acting skill because she have capability to make me super dislike with the antagonist character she played. She have ability to act each and every character so real as if that character was exist.

At the beginning, I thought Yang Rong was newcomer in China Industry at the time I watched Gong 2, although technology has been advanced means it so easy to get an information through internet but there wasn’t many people who talked about Chinese actress or Actors in International forum. in old days, most of the Taiwanese Actors and Actresses or the Hongkongers entertainers more popular. As for the Chinese entertainers If they were not famous then no one really knew them except the Chinese, themselves.

Then, at the time when I felt confident with my Chinese, I tried to search more information about Yang Rong in Chinese websites. There was not much to know because Yang Rong is type introvert actress and ‘unsociable’. But, I managed to read few lists of dramas she played before Gong 2 and tried to search and watched it.

In my point of view Yang Rong’s acting career bit dilemma, at her beginning career she played as first female lead with innocent, nice protagonist character but how many people recognized her, she was not as famous as first female lead should be. Then, after she joined Yu Zheng, her career rocketing in term she gaining popularity but at same time, career level dropped to antagonist character or second even fourth female.

有舍有得, Gaining something must be losing on other thing.

My first Yang Rong’s interview that I watched was when she done promoting for The Legend of Lu Zhen, and after that, slowly I able to spot Yang Rong despite of she still didn’t do much these kind of activities.

Few of Yang Rong’s project with famous actresses and actors:

  • Gong 2 (宫锁珠帘) with Yuan Shan Shan as Female Lead (Yu Zheng Production)
  • Swordsman (笑傲江湖) with Wallace Huo, Chen Qiao En, Yuan Shan Shan (Yu Zheng Production)
  • Legend of Lu Zhen (陆贞传奇) with Zhao Li Ying, Chen Xiao, Kimi Qiao Ren Liang (Yu Zheng Production)
  • The Condor Heros (神雕侠侣) with Chen Yan Xi, Chen Xiao, Viann Zhang (Yu Zheng Production)
  • Gold Female Thief (千金女贼) With Hawick Lau, Tang Yan (Shanghai Youhug Media)
  • Yun Zhong Ge (大汉情缘之云中歌) With Angelababy, Chen Xiao (Yu Zheng Production)
  • Daughter and Mother in law (欢喜婆婆俏媳妇) with Hawick Law
    This drama was one of memorable drama because it was my first time watched Yang Rong played as someone innocent and lively, this drama super funny.

These are few of dramas which quite popular before. I remembered how I was anticipating Gong 2 after I done watching Gong 1 starring Yang Mi, Feng Shao Feng and Tong Li Ya. The remake Swordsman where Chen Xiao En played infamous Dong Fang Bu Bai, The Legend of Lu Zhen where Zhao Li Ying, Chen Xiao and Kimi Ren Qiao Liang gained popularity, the super mess with super cast for Condor Heros, ruined Yun Zhong Ge but only in Gold Female Thief, I could feel Yang Rong shinning brightly played as antagonist.

Not long ago, I ever read an article in Chinese which it’s title caught my interest, it said ‘Why Yang Rong not famous, was it because she refused three great directors in China Entertainment Industry?’ One of three Directors being mentioned was Zhang Yi Mou. I don’t know whether it was really the case why Yang Rong not popular but, I agreed with what Yang Rong said, ‘Those years were coming to sudden, although asking her to stretch out her hand reaching the opportunities, if not hers than no matter how she chasing it would not belong to hers’ As from my point of view, that years perhaps, it just not Yang Rong’s time to rise and become popular.


Lost Memory (美人为馅) perhaps this going to be good opportunity for Yang Rong to shine brightly since she played as first female lead with memorable character as Bai Jin Xi AKA Su Mian with Bai Yu.

Personally I don’t really like Yu Zheng’s style production, more detailed for my dislike: the story plot and also the way casting. I should admit Yu Zheng good in ‘catching’ actors and actresses for dramas but at same time Yu Zheng seemed to be super good in messing ‘available’ story plot. His dramas most of time controversial, example: Gong 3, Crazy for palace and Condor of Heros, etc But, Yu Zheng also one of the person who able to make an actress or actor to shine brightly. I can feel Yang Rong slowly gaining popularity after she joined Yu Zheng at same time she still staying humble, at least I haven’t read any scandal about her LOLS.

More Pictures:

Zhu Ba Jie
Zhu Ba Jie

This was my first time to watch Yang Rong played Zhu Ba Jie character who is little bit foolish, innocent, but nice and warm.


yang-rong-3Yang Rong in Gong 2, quite hateful character but not the worst one in Gong 2

yang-rong-2She is so beautiful when she smiling

yang-rong-4In Swordsman

yang-rong-5In The Legend of Lu Zhen

yGold Female Thief, this also one of the most memorable drama because Yang Rong played as someone super evil and wicked.





c5grlupe00aj0003 c5grluvb00aj0003Picture credit to various resources such as Baidu, Weibo, etc


5 thoughts on “Yang Rong’s Time

  1. Great article on Yang Rong! She is currently my favorite actress and has been underrated for so long. She is a versatile actress who is able to portray roles so differently from each other. I find it quite funny that she is so serious when working, that a lot of people find it difficult to approach her and become friends with her, yet she appears to have natural chemistry with a lot of people onscreen. Hope for more success her way!

  2. At first I don’t like her at all but began to warm up to her in Lu Zhen then began to search Chinese dramas or movies with her in it.

  3. I don’t follow any dramas or TV but it is interesting to read that Yang Rong is not one of the more popular actresses. It does looks like she has quite a repertoire and has a lovely sense of fashion, and looks well put together. Perhaps as she suggested, it is about the timing and right opportunity for her to shine and relate to audiences. Or maybe she is one of the underdogs and is already famous and fortunate in her own right, away from the competitive entertainment industry in Asia.

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