Could It Be YHBoys The Next TFBoys? Or It Just Another New Child Idol

picture1I can’t believe after TFBoys, I can even spot younger teen child idol than TFBoys. Then I wonder what is happened to China Entertainment (Showbiz) recently? Many said this is the Era of Xiao Xian Rou (Young Fresh Meat), TFBoys is one of the real example among Young idol that gained popularity not only in Mainland China but also outside China such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, etc within three years after they debuted in 2013

So the singers group that called as YHBoys is absolutely brand new child idol that debut in beginning of this year. Yep 2017 Fire Rooster year :p

I don’t really know what YH stands for but my guest it should be Ye Hua.  YHBoys is managed under Le Hua Yu Le. According to Baidu, YHBoys is group that consisted from aged 10-13 years old which is so young. So the group members are chosen according their popularity and fans they have. So far, I do only know three members which are Zhang Min Hao who said to have a similar face with TFBoys Wang Yuan, Zhang Jun Yi (perhaps the leader of YHBoys) and Guo Dian Jia.

There are two sides point of view around China internet. First said that YHBoys is totally a copy cat of TFBoys and the second is YHBoys perhaps a brand new idol generation.

Zhang Jun Yi
Zhang Jun Yi (张俊一)
Zhang Min Hao (张铭浩)
Zhang Min Hao (张铭浩)

Checkout their first MV Brand New World (前方的世界)

So what you guys think about this new child idol?



2 thoughts on “Could It Be YHBoys The Next TFBoys? Or It Just Another New Child Idol

  1. I think they are trying to get famous just like tfboys and I don’t think it will work. They need to make some new people haven’t seen before, using young kids and finding people that look like tfboys make people just think they are copiers or a nock off brand of tfboys. They also have chosen a better name, something with out boys in it. I think if the kids want to become famous why don’t they try to join the tf family? If your are a Yhboy fan I mean no harm, just wanted to say what I thought.

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