TFBoys – Chasing Stars : The Influence Of Public Figure For Fans (Positively)

TfboysAlright, I know the title is sounded more alike papers, project or thesis rather than blogging post title :p LOLS

The idea to post about this topic has been long time staying inside my draft box. At the beginning, I was reading an article, something  about Fans Celebrating Wang Jun Kai’s 17th Birthday. I know TFBoys is very famous in Mainland, China but fans base are indeed insanely many. It’s not like I never heard news about Fans celebrating their idol’s birthday but Wang Jun Kai’s 17th birthday just amazed me.

Wang Jun Kai’s birthday was extravagant, He even did his solo concert to entertain his fans. Little Crabs (Wang Jun Kai’s fans) were so awesome because they could raise fund to paid ad’s wishing Wang Jun Kai happy birthday also the bunches Weibo repost which brought Wang Jun Kai to hold Guinness World Record Holder for holding “the most reposted Weibo”.

Well, this post isn’t going to talk about Wang Jun Kai’s extravagant birthday nor the fans base but this post is coming from my curiousness after I read that article and also re-watching few old videos before and after TFBoys gained such crazy popularity. I wonder what make fans could do to such extend not only inside the country but also the international fans. But in this post, I’ll take TFBoys (the youngest boyband in China who gained popularity through social media platform and internet) as example.

What is Public Figure?
According to Cambridge Dictionary Public Figure is a famous person who is often written about in newspapers and magazines or is often on television or the radio. While wikipedia define a public figure, either a public official or any other person pervasively involved in public affairs, or a limited purpose public figure, meaning those who have “thrust themselves to the forefront of particular public controversies in order to influence the resolution of the issues involved.

Public Figure is often called as Idol or Role Model. An individual or group of people who being imitated by many people because these people are considered as great people or consider to have an advantage, giving rise to a tendency to idolize. Not infrequently the youth to follow and even emulate their idols.

For the fanatics, they will do anything for the sake of the idol. They are willing to change their image just so they could be similar to the idol. Quite often we meet with fans who imitate the hair style, style of dress, even gait and style of their idol speak. Even some fans who are willing to reach into his pocket to buy objects that are owned by their idol. And this was happened to TFBoys’s fans. When their idols celebrate birthday, they were celebrating extravagantly. Such as paying ad’s campaign for their idols, buying their albums and goes as far as donating money in order to help their idol gain more positive image.

Living in modern world where technology are advancing (technology era), information and news are easily being accessed more than ever before. We can easily to spot any news about public figures especially celebrities either the achievements or Scandalous about them. The question most likely to ask: What are the effects (influences) those celebrities on our youth? Celebrity either influence fans badly or motivate them to better?

An idol gives considerable influence on others (most likely to teens), especially if celebrity that is able to attract  large number of people in large numbers anyway.

A person who managed to touch the hearts of people, then that person will be people idol. Factors that had touched the hearts of people is the ability to understand, a genuine acceptance and support is greatly to his personal life. The band or singer that lyric provide reinforcement or encouragement for listeners (whoever turned to be fans), then the band or singer would soon become an idol, call TFBoys, this group idol is one of the Chinese teenagers singer who have millions of loyal fans, the reason they like TFBoys so diverse, starting to like their songs, their fashion style, their dance, their achievements, or even their attitude.

For me Chasing Star is a new word which actually has been existing for long time because I never bother myself to get involved into fans clubs as form to support my idol or worship them excessively which perhaps going to turn oneself to be insane fans who stalking the idols. But lately, chasing star is so popular ‘term’ among fans who adore / excessively idolized public figure. Speak frankly, I never view chasing star as benefit before because there is no guarantee the star that you chase will recognize or remember you furthermore it only wasting time (such as stalking / following whenever they go). But my opinion just changed for reasons.

tfboys3I take TFBoys as example because they are insanely famous insanely popular in China and across to Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, etc and even worldwide as International idol. As additional they are the most famous Young Fresh Meat (小鲜肉) among 90’s and 00’s generations.

Young Fresh Meat (小鲜肉) this is the term used by Chinese to call young idol who in range of teenager age or in their early 20’s. TFBoys started their singing career at the age of 13-14 which make three of them to be youngest and most striking in the Chinese idol circles compare to others

Most of the reasons why fans like from these three (and also me XD ) ‘Young Fresh Meat’ of course is their cutie pie look but if they are not having more to offer then their fans base won’t grow as big as today. Okay calling them as Young Fresh Meat, somewhat this makes me sound alike creepy Noona because in China Young Fresh Meat can be meant other thing =.=”

TFBoys is an idol group that being concept and package very well, this is from my business point of view. But as fans, I can see TFBoys not only as Entertainers, singers or actors. As I mentioned they popularity isn’t only gained from their cutie pie, handsome looks but also their attitudes beside talents that they have already had.


These Attitudes can be defined in many ways but the influence most likely to inspire, source of motivation for their fans. Here I shared my thoughts about TFBoys:

Don’t easily to give up – work hard is always paid off
This is the first thing that I learn from TFBoys. You will understand what I mean after you check their before debut,  pre-debut videos in youtube. The days when they were still trainee, it was kind of heartbreaking for me when first time I watched the video when they were practicing dancing, singing. Three of them were only growing up kids but they were enduring alike adult.

I remembered there was one time when I watched Wang Jun Kai’s video. He said, at the beginning everything was so hard and difficult, felt bitter but he didn’t give up instead endured it because he believed as long as he endured it, he would be able to taste the sweetness and now three of them have tasted the sweetness, the work-hard is paid off.

Practice, practice and practice make perfect
Wang Yuan isn’t naturally to be good dancer. He has stiff body and his movement was so awkward first time when I saw him in TFBoys documentation videos. But his dancing skill just lot better now, he is progressing and improving to be better and better. I can see his dancing skill is not that stiff as the first time I saw him and this is because he keeps on practicing.

Be Down To Earth – Stay Humble
Fame isn’t an excuse to make someone or group of people to be arrogant, cocky. TFBoys is a boyband that well-known with their polite manner, good attitude, academically outstanding and no wonder their fan base are growing big and spread from teenager girls, collage students, young professional, young to mature mothers.

For the teenager girls they are fantasized as ideal lover, for the collages and young professional noonas they are cute adorable young brothers, and for young mothers they are perfect role model as good sons who are outstanding academically.

Source Of Inspiration
Not long ago Roy Wang Yuan has participated in Youth UN conference which held in New York. Even Wang Yuan was not going for doing promotion TFBoys activities but fans still looked him with ‘title’ as entertainer that worth to be role model and object to adore even worship to the exaggerate point. That video has been viewing more than 1000 views also the discuss in his instagram and weibo. One of the fan even said that she will study English diligently in order to be able speaking fluent English alike Wang Yuan.

The recent activity, TFBoys Wang Jun Kai has been doing promotion video to help protect the endangered species. The super star of our mother earth. The time for this year is listening to young voices, the youth has the power to change the world together we can protect wild life. This promotion Ads is for UN environment.

TFBoys Wang Yuan also did a video about National Civilized City.

Spreading Positive Vibes
What kind of positive vibes that could be given by three young boys who are singing, dancing and now becoming actors? Believe or not TFBoys has amazing influential power.

People who aren’t familiar with TFBoys don’t understand his fans’ enthusiasm, and Wang Jun Kai said that’s probably because of the positive images that the trio has shown as youths. (source: China daily)

“As an old Chinese saying goes, ‘When the younger generation is strong, the country is strong’. I think that could somehow explain why the three of us are so welcomed,” he said. (Source: China daily)

But things not stopped at there, TFBoys fan even doing charity activities such as donating amount of money, doing a volunteer job on behalf their idols. The younger fans are studying harder because TFBoys member are outstanding academically so that they want to be like TFBoys.

Wang Jun Kai, Wang Yuan and Yi Yang Qian Xi are not simply only a boyband called as TFBoys but at same time they have been becoming role model no matter they as idol that worth to be adore, perfect sons that who have outstanding academic, cutie pie young talented younger brother. TFBoys has already positioned themselves as one of A-list idol.

Source and Credits:
Cambridge Dictionary
TFBoys Fansclub (Weibo-twitter-instagram)


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