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C-novel : The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 9.3

picture is credited to Hummer Zhang’s weibo

This is another sweet moment between Jun Si Que with his son, Fang Jing Tian AKA Xiao Tian. I like how Xiao Tian challenging Jun Si Que in order to prove his bright side. Also Jun Si Que seems to find many new thing about his son who he just know.

I am officially cast Zhang Yi Han as Fang Jing Tian. This little boy is so cute and also such professional as child actor, multi-talented and perfectionist, I thought.

Chapter 9

Part 3 (Three)

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28 thoughts on “C-novel : The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 9.3

    1. I was having a hard time also, maybe because I’m on my phone? I think this is a great idea to stop theft, but it would be a little better if you could either lighten the blue a little or bold to the words over the blue part. Tha ks for all your hard work!

      1. We are okay with the format.. we just not okay with the blue address covering the words … can u make it lighter please…

      2. The format is okay it’s just the blue line need to be a little lighter where there is text 🙂 Thanks for the hard work. And for introducting such cute work to us. Hope this cute novel will uget a drama too, I will love to see the father and son interaction translated on screen.

  1. Thanks for the update 😘😘 nd although it’s a bit hard to rea wid the waterfront on a phone the problem can easily be solved by zooming in!! Thanks again👍

  2. Yea is pretty hard to read using phone. But this format is beneficial for you Azurro. Way to go!! Improving day by day yall
    As always..Thanks for the time and hardwork as well as i love this chapter

  3. Tq azzurro,, but even it is hard to read but,, nevermind,, i think you have done really good work.. Tq so much azzurro 🙂

  4. Well, maybe ‘mislead’ them by posting fake chapters or something. True readers will read your posts and know what’s fake and what isn’t :p

  5. Thank u for the hard work…. it’s so hard to read but it’s ok rather than u stop translate because ppl stole ur hard work…my heart will be bleeding so any format will be ok as long as u keep continue …thx u

  6. lol now if you applied to me …. thanks to you I can read this novel that I liked a lot, but I read it with the little that is of English and the translator and with this new form I complicate myself more T_T but I understand it. Thank you very much for your translation! you already have another follower 🙂

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