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C-novel : The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 9.3

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This is another sweet moment between Jun Si Que with his son, Fang Jing Tian AKA Xiao Tian. I like how Xiao Tian challenging Jun Si Que in order to prove his bright side. Also Jun Si Que seems to find many new thing about his son who he just know.

I am officially cast Zhang Yi Han as Fang Jing Tian. This little boy is so cute and also such professional as child actor, multi-talented and perfectionist, I thought.

Chapter 9

Part 3 (Three)

That time, when Xiao Tian showed his prototype gun to Jun Si Que in Fast Food Restaurant, Jun Si Que only felt bit surprised, but now, he really beyond surprised.

Things that able surprised him not many, these ‘toys’ of his son, can be said as one among those.

Xiao Tian randomly grabbed one of submachine gun, faster he splitting the parts of the gun, “Can you put back all of it together?”

Jun Si Que gave him a smile, as someone who member of Jun’s family, toward this type of gun, naturally he ever learned of it before, his fingers moving, very fast he has already gathered all the parts as one gun.

Little Brat seemed going to be stronger by split another gun, “How about this one?”

For once again Jun Si Que put all together.

By this way, the grown up man and the kid, both of them were fitting one to another, little kid constantly splitting the gun, while Jun Si Que constantly put all together, until all the guns inside the box had split and put together, little kid with rough breath staring at his cheap father, “Alright, you…. You are not too stupid.”

“Well then how can be counted as smart?” Jun Si Que was starting to grow interest toward this little thing. Little thing IQ seems beyond than his imagination.

Little kid for once again running into his toy room, not long after that, he was taking one big paper box, “If you able to win over me in monopoly game, then you are counted as smart.”

“Monopoly?” he saw little kid was spreading one big paper game, taking out dice box, the plastic player and cards, “What the rules for the game?”

“You cannot play?” at the moment little kid face shown disappointed.

His rounded face, his soft body, as long as he used little bit strength, he could pull him to ground. Weirdly, even there was a impulsiveness in his heart, but at same time he didn’t want to disappoint little kid in front of him.

“If you want to teach me, I can learn it immediately.” Jun Si Que smiled given his idea.

The disappointment turned to be excitement, but the little kid still pretended to pout his mouth,  pretending as if he unwillingly, “Then after you learned it, you must not alike my mommy, she is too stupid, every time lost on me.”


The grown up man and the kid were starting to play in the living room, until Fang Jing Tian played tiredly, then he felt asleep into Jun Si Que’s arm.

Fang Ji Ran walked in, seeing her son sleeping so soundly. Suddenly she felt, perhaps, she should let this father and son met earlier.

“I think, he almost taken out all his treasure toys played with you.” Fang Yi Ran saw the toys that strayed in living room.

“He said that you are too stupid.” Jun Si Que walking by hugging the little kid to the room.

“What?” Fang Yi Ran followed at back.

“He said that you are always losing when playing monopoly with him.” Said Jun Si Que, carefully put down little boy to his bed.

“…………..” she speechless while covering her son’s body with quilt, her fingers were gently caressing little boy soft face, “Also not thinking, that time who was teaching him played monopoly!”

Badly, little boy has slept soundly and dawn into his own dreaming world, so he didn’t hear his mother resented words.

Pair of arms, from back enveloped Fang Yi Ran, the man’s masculine fragrant, spraying on her neck.

“Yi Ran….” Jun Si Que’s lips gently touch her earlobe, whispering, “Our son is so smart.”

“Just sometime he is smart than ordinary kids.” Especially when he wanted to have new toy.

“Thank you because you raise him very well.” Different personality compare to the Jun’s family member, this kind of lively, the Jun’s never have it before.

“He is my son, of course I must teach him well!” ears felt itchy, numbing, didn’t he know that, this kind of position, it can be called challenge her nerve.

“But, he is also my son.” Jun Si Que’s tongue tip brushing Fang Yi Ran’s earlobe, and then, sucking the earlobe into his mouth.


The woman’s face blushing red! Her nerves stretching into a thin fine line (twitching)

“Marry me, Yi Ran.”

Followed by the words which spoken by his mouth, gotten her nerved to let out ‘creak’ sound…..


Alright, this what so called as marriage proposal, one of worthy proposal.

“Can I not marry?” She was negotiating. After all she has gotten used be free, once she thought after she married to Jun Si Que, the Jun Family is alike one big cage, her head numbing.

“You say?” his eyes, very obvious he refused her idea.

There was no way out, she made step back and tried one more time, “At least you let me to think it carefully.”

He agreed.

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    1. I was having a hard time also, maybe because I’m on my phone? I think this is a great idea to stop theft, but it would be a little better if you could either lighten the blue a little or bold to the words over the blue part. Tha ks for all your hard work!

      1. We are okay with the format.. we just not okay with the blue address covering the words … can u make it lighter please…

      2. The format is okay it’s just the blue line need to be a little lighter where there is text 🙂 Thanks for the hard work. And for introducting such cute work to us. Hope this cute novel will uget a drama too, I will love to see the father and son interaction translated on screen.

  1. Thanks for the update 😘😘 nd although it’s a bit hard to rea wid the waterfront on a phone the problem can easily be solved by zooming in!! Thanks again👍

  2. Yea is pretty hard to read using phone. But this format is beneficial for you Azurro. Way to go!! Improving day by day yall
    As always..Thanks for the time and hardwork as well as i love this chapter

  3. Tq azzurro,, but even it is hard to read but,, nevermind,, i think you have done really good work.. Tq so much azzurro 🙂

  4. Well, maybe ‘mislead’ them by posting fake chapters or something. True readers will read your posts and know what’s fake and what isn’t :p

  5. Thank u for the hard work…. it’s so hard to read but it’s ok rather than u stop translate because ppl stole ur hard work…my heart will be bleeding so any format will be ok as long as u keep continue …thx u

  6. lol now if you applied to me …. thanks to you I can read this novel that I liked a lot, but I read it with the little that is of English and the translator and with this new form I complicate myself more T_T but I understand it. Thank you very much for your translation! you already have another follower 🙂

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