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C-novel : The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 10

Oh My! Fang Jing Tian is kidnapped.
No need to guess, we know who did it. Only, do you every wonder what kind of person Fang Yi Ran actually, because not long ago I have read a post, saying Fang Yi Ran is not outstanding but beautifully nonetheless, then I am sorry, the author just hide Fang Yi Ran true self until near the end. The hidden ACE behind Fang Yi Ran is appeared one at all.

If you wonder about Fang Yi Ran’s EX-husband, this chapter will also let you know why she married him and then divorced him.

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16 thoughts on “C-novel : The CEO’s Pregnant Wife (总裁的孕妻) 10

  1. The father is a genius CEO, The Mom’s a genius Yakuza-like woman, no wonder the gemes of the kid’s too great!!! Hahahahah Miss Tao feel the wrath of the Demon Mom~~~

  2. the coolest mom ever…and of course with the more cooler son….ha ha ha ha ha…not even a flinch of nervousness…omg

  3. Good good, so it explain why that child love guns the most for his toys. No wonder. She really is a wild cat. A lioness’s of them all.

    a genius daddy + a scary mommy = a cool son

    Thank you for the chapter ^-^

  4. Just as I thought that she must be non-ordinary person. There’s no way she can buy prototype guns with her profession as restaurant co-owner, LOL

    1. Yes it has gotten more interesting since chapter 9.1. Yi Ran is truly a “Wild cat” as Si Que has said. So let’s watch her hacker skills and underworld minions do their thing and get little Jing Tian back home safely.
      Thank you .

  5. I understand why you do it, but reading the pages that are formatted like this are virtually impossible with out getting a migraine headache (even when blown up x2). The light blue watermarked area is the worst. It makes it impossible to decipher since all the colors merge and I am left cross-eyed. It is a big bummer because I cannot read the ending now…. 😦

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