My Impression : K-Drama – What Happens To My Family?

This is one of the drama that has completed long time ago but I just starting to watch it. Well, even this drama was aired from Sat-Sun but, I prefer to wait until the drama ended and then marathon. An initially, I started to watch this drama because Park Hyun Sik and Yoo Dong Geun.

I have watched it until Episode 20 which incredibly really hooked me. There are many reasons for me to keep watching the drama without skipping because this drama just one of the thoughtful drama I ever watched. Tears and laughter just balance so well, the humor just well inserted and neither sound too corny nor cold.

The Synopsis credit to wikipedia:

Cha Soon-bong is a widower who has devoted his life to his three children, loving them despite their self-centred selfishness and disrespect. However, when he discovers that he has terminal cancer, he decides to use the time he has left to ensure their happiness when he is gone. His eldest daughter Kang-shim, after a failed relationship, has resigned herself to never marry and a lifetime of being alone; his eldest son Kang-jae, a brilliant oncologist, is resentful of his humble origins; and his youngest son, Dal-bong, is a drifter who claims that nothing seems to go right for him.

As part of his scheme Soon-bong takes his children to court, since he has received none of the filial piety that he is due; he asks instead for a cash sum that none of them can pay. The children settle instead for granting their father seven requests. As these requests are fulfilled they each in turn comes to realize the reason for their father’s bizarre behavior. To make him happy, all that the children have left is to set right their own lives.

Cha Soon Bong is type of devoted father who loves his children heartily. Speak frankly, Cha Soon Bong just perfectly portray most of the parents that I know. Such as preparing breakfast, waiting for the children to go home, worrying them when they coming home late, and so on which could make me sobbing if I recalled T^T

On the other side, Cha Soon Bong’s children are such selfish to the point boiled my blood. One of the saddest scene that made me tearing was the scene when Cha Kang Jae (oldest son second child) going to marry hospital director’s daughter. He didn’t ask his father opinion about the woman who he would be marrying, not letting the soon-to be wife woman to pay visit to his father but the worst he even wanted to cut ties with his family.

Cha Soon Bong’s eldest daughter not any better because she just think of herself, full of herself either in her working place or at home. His youngest son just someone who has no confident with his life and even doubt himself.

This drama isn’t only about Cha’s family but also other family such as Moon and Yoon. Beside the family problem, this drama also has romance and friendship. Love-hate relationship between Cha Kang Sim and Moon Tae Joon, triangle love among Yoon Eun Ho – Kang Seo Wol – Cha Dal Bong.

I haven’t finished watching this drama but my moods has stirred so much from one episode to another episode. The pain isn’t forever as well the laughter.


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